The zombie obsession continues with Rhiannon Frater’s second installment in her ‘As The World Dies’ series, ‘Fighting to Survive.’ One of those books that I was hopelessly anticipating, ‘Fighting to Survive’ did not disappoint. There was plenty of action, suitable psychotic moments and a smidge of romance to keep me interested, not to mention zombies galore! If you haven’t read Rhiannon Frater’s first book in the series ‘The First Days’, I highly recommend that you march your petunia to the book store and buy it now. You can read my review of ‘The First Days‘ here. Already read it…well read on my friend.


The survivors have settled in to their new life, one where they live in tents in the shadow of the construction site with a huge wall separating them from the horde of hungry undead. There are things that they must accomplish but they know that doing so will put themselves at risk. For one, they need more space, so the hotel is the only option right now, but filled with undead hotel staff, it won’t be easy. Then, there are the living, the scum that killed Ralph and are antagonizing the pockets of survivors in the area, these monsters are worse than the zombies and it is only a matter of time before the survivors living in the fort come into contact with them. Yet, as these confrontations loom on the horizon, survivors, Katie, Jenni, Travis and Juan find that they have to stop and live – because you never know when this moment will be your last.

This series is the rock star of zombie novels. It had me literally on the edge of my seat and reading aloud to my husband when a particularly good scene popped up. Frater just has a way with words and crafting scenes. She crafts her sentences choppy and matter-o-fact, telling it like it is with humor and a sick sense of finality. I said it in the last review, but her book is like a zombie movie crafted into a novel, I can literally picture the book in scenes in my head as if it were a movie. Jenni and Katie are both epic characters and will have you laughing and crying and sometimes wincing.

I have to say though that I did have some hang-ups with this second one, but I actually found that it was better put together than the first one, which is something you don’t find that often in series, the second one usually being the one that just carries you to the next one. My few hang-ups revolved around Jenni, I wanted more of her and I found Frater concentrated on Katie a lot, which is understandable with Travis’ leadership role, but I really like Loca and wanted to see a bit more of her. Then there was the vigilante – I thought they would concentrate on the person for awhile then just forget about finding out who it was especially after the Shane incident. I figured it would be easy to figure out who it was after the sabotage but there was no attempt at finding who it was, everything was completely diverted to the Banditos. Which, if the vigilante is a certain person makes sense… oh well I’m rambling. The books are excellent and warrants a discussion. I’ve actually reread the first book and find that it deserves a better rating than the 4 out of 5 that I first gave it.


Recommended for zombie fans. If you’ve enjoyed similar apocalypse books where the dead reanimate and began eating people this is the book for you. Mature content of violent, sexual and explicit nature.

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‘Fighting to Survive’ by Rhiannon Frater in paperback was provided by the publisher {TOR} in exchange for an honest review.