Zombie ApocalypseThis week we are talking zombies, zombies zombies. There is nothing like a person you know and love coming at you and trying to eat you. Scares me silly and at the same time fascinates me to the point that my husband, my stepbrother and I have a zombie contingency plan. Holla!

I have zombies coming out of my ears as of late, from my favorite reads of this year, to even a favorite tv show – that I even get to share the love with my husband, my brothers and my mother! This craze has taken over and you guys need to get on the zombie train!

So, what TV show am I talking about that almost three generations of varied TV watchers can like, highly enjoy and discuss at Sunday dinner? THE WALKING DEAD, AMC’s super, mega hit. Are you a fan? Because I’m still reeling from last nights episode.

The Walking Dead on AMCThe Walking Dead on AMC

The show is about a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Nothing new to the entertainment industry, but a cable television show, yes, highly original. On top of the intense action of zombies, the writers of this show are off the charts good and paired with the phenomenal acting, you can’t get any better than this. Then to top it off there are numerous characters that bridge ever gap so it can suck in TV viewers from every generation and walk of life.

If you haven’t watched the show — go watch it now. The first season is on Netflix and you can probably easily catch up with Season 2 through your cable demand programs or online.

Now for fans of the show, what did you think of last night’s episode? I think I might do a post every Monday, because I just have to hear about what everyone things of the episodes!

I found this on Tumblr. I love these gifs sometimes!First off, I think Shane needs to not wear a shirt for the whole episode, he might be a cold bastard, but alleviating him of his shirt should warm me to him more. I still don’t know what to do with him. On one hand I TOTALLY understand his cold perspective, it’s a dog eat dog world and you have to do anything to survive. I understand it, doesn’t mean I like it. I really think he might snap at some point and go after Rick, especially when the little Lori bun pops up.

Daryl Walking DeadThen speaking of crazies, seems we had an infestation this episode. Daryl, who I adore, went a little bezerker after he took a header down the ravine. Merle, who from the previews I thought might be returning, but instead is actually haunting Daryl, made a very nasty appearance and pushed Daryl over the edge a bit. This is another character that might just snap. I really don’t think so though, I think he might turn out for the better as opposed to Shane’s crazy which might go nasty.

Then for the crazy that just needs to go away, Andrea. I know she needs to prove something, but she is acting like a spoiled child. I think someone should have punched her after the Daryl incident.

The Walking Dead Can't Get Enough!And then for the ending…no wonder Hershel wants to get them off the property. What are you thinking the barn storing is about? Family and friends and waiting for the cure? Remember Hershel was pretty adamant about someone figuring out a cure when he and Rick first chatted about it. {I know why the comic says he keeps them – but who knows, things might change} Maybe Hershel himself is saving them to experiment on? Or who knows, they might be some weird religious cult and are keeping them safe for some odd reason.

Then finally the little girl Sophia. I think they have to find her alive. I believe the reason they are dragging out the search is one, because once they find her there will be no reason to stay on the farm and I think it might be a showdown between Rick and Hershel in the end. Not to mention, the whole make Shane rethink his priorities if they do find her alive. But, we still have 8 episodes left – they can’t drag it on the entire time, can they??

Let me know what you think! I’m dying to hear other people’s opinions.