Oceanborne by Katherine IronsTitle: Oceanborne
Author: Katherine Irons
Series: Seaborne #2
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
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A warm and richly imagined world, Katherine Irons transports us to an underwater landscape where mermaids and Atlantis exists and humans aren’t the only humanoids on the planet. While rich in imagination, the romance left me a little wanting and the characters fell a little flat. I did enjoy the world but I do wish that more time was spent on the character interplay.

The setting of Oceanborne is the underwater world around Greece. Atlantis exists and is actually underwater, populated by a race of humanoids with great strength, power and some even posses magic. Orion is a prince among the Atlanteans and is used to getting what he wants. On a foray to the human world he is ambushed by a group of deadly shades, minions of the evil god Malqart and believes this might be the end. But, luck would have it that a woman on an archeological expedition happens upon him and saves his life. He in turn rescues her from the sudden storm that has rolled in and spends a few hours with her in an underwater cave full of treasures. Knowing romances between humans and Atlanteans are strictly forbidden Orion wipes Elena’s memory and sends her on her way, but she is hard to wipe from his own. When he finds that her expedition is to excavate an ancient Phoenician ship that is actually a tribute to Malqart, he knows that if she manages to take anything from it her life will be in danger. He can’t allow this, much less get her out of his mind, so rules be damned, Orion sweeps Elena away into the depths of the ocean and her life will never be the same. Yet, they have more than broken Atlantean laws to worry about, war is looming and Poseidon the ruler of the Atlanteans, ex-wife is on the war path for revenge and power and she’ll stop at nothing to see it enacted.

Like many of these broad sweeping paranormal romances the world sometimes overshadows the romance and this was the case in Oceanborne. I was absolutely fascinated with the world of the Atlanteans and their underwater realm, but not so much with Elena and Orion. It was one of those instant “I want to have sex immediately” scenarios where the guy just sweeps in as a super Alpha Man and takes over. Wipes her memory, manipulates her, drags her under the water and she is still his willing partner in all things because he is just so hot and he has large attributes. I would have rather read this as an urban fantasy with the romance as the side plot instead of the focus, but it was worth the read and Katherine Irons is a talented storyteller, she just fell for the trappings of a very overly alpha, which some readers might really enjoy.

Recommended for fans of paranormal romance, I wouldn’t recommend for transitions from contemporary to paranormal, the para elements are very overwhelming. Adults only, there is a lot of hot scenes in this baby.

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