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Young Adult Books, Breaking Dawn and Conformity

I am not going to start this off with — ‘I started reading again because of Twilight.’ I’m not judging, but really I’ve heard that so many times from book bloggers and while I think it is great that Twilight did this for the reading populace my stomach sometimes does flip-flops when I think about it. I can’t even explain it, I guess I’m just thinking in my head, of all the books! Its like an alcoholic coming back to the hooch with a bottle of Taaka – get’s the job done, but hell, pass me the Jack at least.

Paul DiGiovanni From Boys Like Girls

Paul DiGiovanni From Boys Like Girls

Twilight is a strange phenomenon for me. I never read young adult, the Harry Potter series maybe, but young adult, really, I wasn’t reading young adult when I was a young adult. But, then a few of my “too busy to read” friends that had tweens kept saying, “Rach, you read and you are strange and semi-goth, have you read these Twilight books?” Thus began my young adult phenomenon. Just call me a slave to marketing, because now my adult book reviews have gone sooo down I feel if I’m not reading about a 16 year old I’m not reading. But, I’m a fan, I’m not bitching. Teenagers are in the emotional upheaval of semi-bipolarism, it is a fun time to read about. Everything is so much more at that age, makes for good dramatic reading and add a vampire, angel or werewolf to the mix, you’ve got yourself some great literature.

Kiefer Sutherland - The Lost Boys (1987)

I don’t know how I strayed from the topic at hand, I guess I wanted to justify the point of me being a fan of Twilight and explain my reasoning and the reason that I feel like I’m straying from my personal mantra by actually liking Twilight. I guess I’m just a dork at heart because I also secretly  like Selena Gomez movies and have danced around to Hillary Duff (singing not writing) like a maniac. The funny thing is, as a teen I would have mocked a person like myself. Sparkly vampires! I would have donned a Kiefer Sutherland tee and thrown garlic at people waiting in line at the movie theater for Twilight. I guess all of us have that inner conformist in us and that is my biggest struggle with the whole phenomena. My teenage Rachel. The one that keeps sending me these letters every five years (thanks high school guidance counselor!) and making me feel like an ass because I’m not banking in the big dough or on my third NY Times Best-Seller, unmarried and on my 20th tat. Sorry! I’m married, with a four year old and I like silly chick flicks and reading about vampire romances!

Yet, while I’ve embraced all of this, admitted it and declared my inner conformist, here comes Breaking Dawn. I needed to get this off of my chest to people that just might understand. I got this text from my brother — yes, I know, he’s embraced his inner conformist also — so we could all go see Breaking Dawn together at the movie theater that lets you drink, we are pre-ordering. Opening night at the adult theater, I don’t know if it is going to be crowded like it is at the all ages theater, but you never know right? And here is where the controversy comes into play, I should be excited. I was slathering and jittery for the release of the last three movies. I had it planned out, who I was going to see it with, when, where, why, etc, probably a month before release. Juvenille yes, but please refer back to the dork part.

Love, Sex and One Very Strange Baby - Exactly!!!

The thing is I’m not excited, actually I’m a bit apprehensive. I don’t know if I want to see Breaking Dawn. I will see it, of course, but I don’t know if I’m going to like it. Like the rest of the mass populace I devoured Breaking Dawn when it came out and talked myself into liking it. But, on rereading the series I stopped at Eclipse and didn’t read Breaking Dawn. Didn’t want to read it, because while I had told myself I enjoyed it, I really didn’t like the book and if I can’t take the book, how am I going to be able to do TWO movies?

What I’m not looking forward to seeing in Breaking Dawn? {if you haven’t read it — this should be full of spoilers} The virginity losing episode with all the feathers. I just don’t think I want to see Edward chomping down on a pillow and breaking a bed while he consummates. That didn’t play out well in my inner motion picture {Think My Super Ex Girlfriend}-I don’t know if I


want to see it actually visualized. I also don’t know how they will portray the birth properly without going to an R rating — but I don’t want them to just blow it over. This is also where I believe they are going to break the movies up. Think part one ending with Bella hearing the heartbeat — bum bump, bum bump — fade to black. But, that would mean ending it with the last scene Edward eating Bella’s stomach open — yum. Then the imprint! Which was my biggest issue with the book. I thought this was Stephanie Meyer’s epic failure (besides the kids name of course) and I just don’t know how they’ll handle this in movie form, especially since it wasn’t explained fully in the prior movies. Quil, while a player in the film is not shown being all ‘baby-future-lover’ on Claire Young. I guess they figured it out, but the baby imprint has always made me feel uncomfortable. Just imagine yourself raised with a  man — that treats you like a father/uncle/big brother and one day you will progress to lovers/husbands/soul-mates. I just think Warren Jeffs, not romance.

The what is movie Part II going to be? I keep thinking about that one scene, the ‘Alice’s Vision’ part – where people in the theater actually laughed out loud because it was o cheesy.

This is just the tip of the ice berg for me, if I did an in-depth analysis I might go on forever. What the main point of this post is that I am a Twilight fan, but I’m not a Breaking Dawn fan. Is anyone else with me in these feelings? What doesn’t sit well with you, or do think I’m totally off base? Let me know, because I’m a little strung out with the whole situation.