Beauty Dates The BeastTitle: Beauty Dates the Beast
Author: Jessica Sims
Series: Midnight Liasons #1
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
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Different and relatively entertaining, while ‘Beauty Dates The Beast’ wasn’t strong enough to detract me from the usual paranormal romance author tricks, I did find it amusing and thought the premise was relatively original. I’m a fan of Jill Myles’ (Jessica Sims) Succubus Series because it has a unique edge that is fun and pushes envelopes, this particular paranormal romance while a great entertaining, quick read, I don’t think compares to her other series, but I would highly recommend it to paranormal romance fans.

In Bathsheba’s world werewolves, vampires and sirens exist, along with a lot of other paranormals. Bathsheba works for a dating service that specializes in the paranormal, where a vampire can find true love with a were-snake if they are so inclined. Even though Bathsheba and her sister work for a paranormal, for paranormals — she wants to stay as far away from them as possible. This is why when a particular persistent client insists on her going on a date with him, Bathsheba’s first instinct is to refuse, but if her boss finds out that she refused a client…well she needs her job and this particular were-cougar is quite persistent.

The chemistry between Beau and Bathsheba was great, it was my favorite part of the book. I enjoyed both of their characters and there was almost a zany edge that I found compelling within the story. It’s a very quick read and distracting, something you can power through in one day. The romance is high, the danger is also high — just don’t look too close to the plot because some parts just don’t click or make sense. I also kept thinking, “Poor girl, her parents named her Bathsheba and her sister got Sara.”

Overall, if you are looking for a fun, paranormal romance with lots of hotness — ‘Beauty Dates the Beast’ by Jessica Sims is right up your alley.

Recommended for fans of romance and hot alpha males. Adults only this one doesn’t skimp on the romance.

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‘Beauty Dates The Beast’ by Jessica Sims in paperback was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.