One word. Different. I was looking for something fresh and I found it in ‘The Faerie Ring’ by Kiki Hamilton. The story was instantly engrossing and kept me waiting for more throughout the entire sequence of the plot. The characters were “fall in-lovable” and the mystery behind the plot was well executed. ‘The Faerie Ring’ was a pleasure to read and a great debut for author, Kiki Hamilton, I can’t wait for more of Ms. Hamilton’s writing.


The setting is Victorian London and our heroine is Tiki, a gutter rat that picks pockets to stay alive and feed the other street kids that she calls family. They live together in an abandoned business, barely staying warm and fed. In an odd series of events Tiki steals something that will change her world, a ring. The ring is the property of Queen Victoria and besides its royal ownership there is much more at stake, because the ring signifies a pact — a pact between the faeries and England. Having lost the ring, it could mean war.

Another thief, the mysterious, Rieker suspects immediately it was Tiki that took the ring. Rieker seams to know more of what the ring means and about the fae but Tiki can’t trust anyone besides her family. There is a lot more at stake for her than just a dumb ring. She has to protect her family and get them off the streets and this ring just might be the answer. Rieker, while handsome and apparently eager to help – is not family…

A must read for fans of the fae, ‘The Faerie Ring’ blends historical with paranormal and paints a very compelling young adult fantasy. You’ll fall in love with Tiki immediately and believe that you are right there with her at Charing Cross Station in London. Hamilton paints an amazing picture with her words and I’m excited about this debut author’s gift. Don’t pass this book up, you won’t be disappointed.


Recommended for fans of young adult literature, fantasy and historical literature. This is an excellent cross over for those that like contemporary and would like to broaden your horizons. There is nothing inappropriate about the novel and I’m recommending for 12+, but still mature enough to be read and enjoyed by older teens and adults.


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