If you ask me today what monster lurks in my closet and scares the crap out of me, it will always be the same. Aliens. The reason for my fear: Whitley Strieber. I have never experienced such a strong reaction than when I read Streiber’s books. Streiber’s account of his true life experience involving alien abductions had me sleeping with the lights on for a month and literally coming to realize what it means to be terrified all the while engrossed and riveted by his words. Believe his account or not, but you have to read his story and judge for yourself.

Communion: A True Story by Whitley Strieber is the tale of one man’s struggle with what he terms “The Visitors”, the things they do to him and his family and how he deals with the sudden realization that he is an alien abductee. This is a story of discovery, fear and strength and you shouldn’t pass this one up. This is probably the only non-fiction book that I will ever recommend but I highly urge you to read it.
Recommended for people with open minds. Go in with your eyes open! I read this as a young adult for the first time, it’s scary and real but there is nothing lewd or over the heads of a mature teen.

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Q: What is the monster lurking in your closet?


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