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Feedburner, what is it and how does it help? – Amber


Where can I start!! There are so many ways to promote your blog that might go over your head, but Feedburner is like an all access pass to everything. Sign up for feedburner right now!

What it does, quite simply is manages your feed and sends it out into the www with great purpose and precision.

Why is feedburner awesome?

  • FREE
  • Easy to use
  • Step by step set-up
  • Blog promotion
  • Universal code (means your feed can be read on ANY device)

What people have complained about:

  • FREE program = Bugs, the analytics sometimes are bonky, much like your blogger analytics and sometimes the programs don’t work

Now to get down to the basics, you might wonder what in the heck a feed actually is, right? Your feed is your RSS, the way people read your posts – if they are not going to your blog directly. One of the most common ways is through a Feed Reader, such as Google Read, Bloglines etc.

Different Blog software sends your feed out in different ways, so Feedburner translates it and turns it into the Universal Feed that anyone can read. Much like a babel fish of feed burning.

But, much more, Feedburner also takes that feed and allows you to exploit it, package it and showcase it all over the web. They use handy widgets and can integrate your Twitter account. This is how I have my twitter account working for me – I might not be on twitter, but my feed is being broadcast in tweets like this:

On Sale Today! Destined. Check out the trailer & win the book! goo.gl/fb/3ZuoB Plz RT #giveaway #information

Sold yet?

Let’s set up our Feedburner account.

  1. Go to feedburner.google.com
  2. You will login with your gmail account. If you do not have a gmail account, I highly recommend that you create one that matches your blog. Like I use parajunkee at gmail.com
  3. You will get to a welcome page – and are immediately stumped by this statement:
    Feedburner 101Where can you find your feed? I’m going to show you how to do it in blogger. Go to your page and scroll scroll scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see this centered in the middle at the bottom of your last post:

    Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)

  4. Right click on Posts (Atom) and scroll to COPY LINK LOCATION
  5. Go back to your feedburner page and paste your link into the input box
  6. Hit next, if you are a podcaster check the box. If you are unsure leave it unchecked
  7. Now to a new WELCOME page, they want to burn your feed correctly, so make sure the title is correct and the new address is now going to be your feed address, it usually looks like this:
    http://feeds.feedburner.com/BookBlogging101 <— blog name
  8. Hit Next
  9. Congrats! Your FeedBurner feed is now live. Want to dress it up a little?
  10. Click Next.
  11. A new page about Statistics – remember I mentioned above that statistics can sometimes be wonky through feedburner? But it is a general idea and you do want to track Clickthroughs, so check that box. And if you are feeling like you want to know everything check I WANT MORE to get feedburner to track popular items and item views.
  12. Now your feedburner is ready — is there more? YES!
    Options for burning your feed
  13. You have a lot more options now. And this is where it can get confusing.
    1. First you want to redirect your feed – click on the link: Redirect your Blogger feed to your FeedBurner feed ยป which brings you to a long page, but you will be worried about the bottom area under: Tracking 100% of your feed traffic: Redirecting your Blogger feed to your FeedBurner feed
    2. Now back to FEEDBURNER, the first tab is ANALYZE, this is where you are going to track your stats. Your feed is new though so it is not going to work yet, give it a few days of burning that feed and then check back
    3. Next tab – OPTIMIZE, this is where you are going to make your feed “look good” according to Feedburner. This is basically where you can check browser compatibility, enter a personal message, and add links to the bottom of your feed. Click on each tab and read what everything says and see if you want to do it to your feed
    4. Next tab – PUBLICIZE – this is the last tab I’m going over, because MONETIZE is for adding adsense and I don’t think I can go into that with my basic knowledge and the other is troubleshooting which is pretty obvious. So here we are back at PUBLICIZE which is the awesome tab.
    5. PUBLICIZE SERVICES – Show off your feed in fun ways. Click activate at the bottom of all services to well, activate them!
      • Headline Animator – put a widget on your blog or website with your latest feeds
      • BuzzBoost – Gives you javascript snippet so you can publish on another website
      • Email Subscriptions – one of the most useful tools, this allows you to copy and past some javascript into a widget and allows people to sign up via email to your feed
      • PingShot – this pings all the blog subscriptions that you have a new posts another very handy tool, since it is very time consuming to do this yourself
      • Socialize – Add your twitter account and Feedburner will shoot out a tweet every time your post
      • Chicklet Chooser – If you so choose you can add a lot of crap to the bottom of your feed, this is how you can do it, it allows users to specifically add their feed with the click of a button
      • Awareness API – Applications will be able to display your feed if you activate this one. I don’t usually allow this.
      • Creative Commons – This is where you choose what type of copyright protection you want. Do you want to allow people to modify and use your work? If not click no no no
      • Password Protector – this allows you to password protect your feed, this is if you want your feed private, I do not activate it
      • NoIndex – you don’t really want to noindex your feed, so keep this inactive
And that is about it folks. Long explanation for an easy service. Play around in it and have fun.
XO – Happy Thursday, Talk Less, Read More.

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