I was disheartened by not enjoying this book. It had great potential. An original plot, interesting characters, a spitfire of a protagonist and a very entertaining and easy on the eyes author, not to mention a male young adult author, which are a minority. Yet, I literally had to force myself to return to this book to finish it. While the plot was original it was disjointed and jumped from plot point to plot point, which had me completely confused half the time. While the main character was a spitfire and started out strong she quickly deflated and became almost two-dimensional by the middle of the book. Then with the whole paranormal reveal – the group was suddenly thrust into a very odd circumstance which revealed them to be paranormal beings and they were all just like, “Oh okay, cool.” It was so flat by that point that I felt I was reading an outline and not a flushed out book.

My overall view is that there was a good start to this book, yet by the middle it was as if the author hurried to finish and didn’t give it the attention that that beginning had. I believe it had great potential and the author has a great talent for dialogue writing and imagery – but his characters and plot just fizzled.

This is a DNF – I held on until I made it 3/4ths through, yet just couldn’t manage to finish it.

Did Not Finish


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Young Adult Novel