What can I say about THE GODDESS TEST? One of the hardest books to review is the one that gets a medium rating. You like the book, but nothing stands out and says, “Yeah this was great.” And to top it off it has problems, but you feel like you are picking on the book if you go into details of why this book just didn’t add up to be a Good or Great novel. It was okay. Would I run around and suggest to people to buy it, read it or pass on as a gift? No. There are so many great books out there, it’s hard to waste time on so-so literature. Which sounds terrible, but sometimes I would rather read a really bad book than a book that just makes me go “meh.” At least with a bad book I would have something to rant about.


A retelling or really a revamping of the Hades and Persephone myth, THE GODDESS TEST is the story of Kate, whose mother is dying and has to move back to her mother’s home town, Eden. When arriving in the town she finds herself the target of some mean girl behavior which has consequences that might resonate into eternity as she attracts the attention of a reclusive but attractive young man named Henry. Henry finds Kate on the banks of a river that runs through his land with a dead popular girl named Ava on the shore from a prank gone wrong. Henry can fix the situation all Kate has to do — agree to live with him. Even though Kate watches him bring the girl back to life, she doesn’t quite believe that Henry is who he says he is, so she doesn’t show up at the appointed time. She finds out later that Ava is dead, passed away in her sleep as Kate avoided “moving in” with Henry. That being said, she quickly makes a deal, not to save Ava – but to be able to extend her mother’s life in exchange for living with Henry.

The plot, while original needed to be flushed out better, things were a bit convoluted. Puzzle pieces while close, just wouldn’t fit together. And above all else, we have Henry, which is supposed to be Hades — Hades, god of the Underworld, brother of Zeus, oldest male child of Cronus and subsequent master of death, portrayed like a melancholy underling, doing as he’s told with no real power, still pining over a woman that died a long time ago and later obsessing over an eighteen year old high school student. I guess it just didn’t mesh well with my imagery of the god of the underworld. But, this book did a lot of god bending, portraying them in odd circumstances and acting oddly and out of character from what we know. Personally, I guess I wanted them to be somewhat close to their myths but I understood that the author took license in this regards, picking and choosing what traits to keep and what to change. Original, yes, but it didn’t do it justice in my mind.

Then there was the ending and I won’t give any spoilers, but if I was Kate, I WOULD BE SEETHING!! Seething. I would be in severe hate of everyone. Just saying.

Overall opinion is in the so-so range, I think the book was entertaining, but lacked a romantic flavor because of the forced nature. I feel like Kate settled and in my mind that is not romantic at all. Breaking it down, this novel was supposed to be a semi-paranormal romance, so in my mind it failed miserably in that regard. Approached as an original story-line, I’ll give the author credit there. It was an original retelling, just sometimes original isn’t what people are looking for, which is probably why there are a lot of 3 star ratings for this one.


for young adult paranormal fans. If you don’t mind a little non-sensical fluff, this one is for you. Fans of novels like GODDESS BOOT-CAMP and those sort might enjoy.


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