For a second in series, VANISH was handled fantastically. Sophie Jordan had my anxiety levels up and I really felt for these characters. Heartache for Jacinda, pity and disgust for the mom and a sort of fear and happiness for Tamra — along with a slew of other emotions for the secondary characters that were introduced or brought back in the second novel. Intense elicited emotions is what I live for in a book – the plot might have a few holes but if the book creeps in and forces unique emotional responses from me, I’m in love. Top this with a good plot, great character building and on-your-toes twists and turns…well I’m smitten with Sophie Jordan and her fire-breathing creations.


Jacinda has sacrificed herself again. Back to the pride they go with Cassian as their guide and the newly manifested Tamra. Yet, all she can think of is Will. Her love for him is so intense but she must protect him, her family and herself at all costs. And that means the pride, Cassian and the rules they will inflict on her – just hopefully, with her willful return her wings will not be clipped.

If her young adult books are this good I must go out and buy her adult novels, because I’m now a big fan girl of Sophie Jordan. To carry a second book this well takes talent – as I’ve noticed after a few badly digested second novels that I’ve recently read. This is a series that you don’t want to pass up, but it is highly suggested that you read book one.


Recommended for paranormal romance fans and young adult. Go back and read the first one if you haven’t yet, this is not a stand-alone. This is also recommended for more mature teens because some items might be a bit harder for a younger teen to process, yet, nothing at all explicit or out of order.


Young Adult Novel

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