Stunning is the first thing that comes to mind when I looked through this book. I was blow away by the visual explosion of the imagery. Often in fantasy art the imaginary will have a cheesy feel about it, all starbursts and unicorns with rainbows is the only way I can describe it. The type of artwork you pick up at the dollar store and see on the wall of 12 year olds or trailer parks (still have nothing wrong with trailers!). But, Corsentino’s work I am drooling over. I can’t believe he attained such realism with his shots. And I have to be honest, I had a very hard time actually reading the text because my eyes kept being drawn to the artwork. The story was just a little bit of bonus.


Afterlight, End of the World is the story of the Angels, which is dubbed the Angel Apocalypse. The world is ravaged by war and with the coming of the angels a renaissance period begins, but at the cost of our free will. A few humans revolt and the angels turn against the humans…it was quite a riveting story. Not quite as riviting as the imagery, but still something that held my attention. I would highly recommend this book for fantasy lovers – I want a big pretty book to sit on my coffee table and be able to flip through constantly. It is so very pretty. If you have the chance, check out ‘Afterlight, End of the World’ and here, love on some images to get your motivated.