The scariest book I’ve ever read actually happens to be a non-fiction book. ‘Communion’ by Whitley Strieber, it’s about alien abductions and is probably the reason I’m addicted to the History Channel and scared to death of alien abductions. Yet, topping my charts in the fiction category there are two power house writers that instantly come to mind, Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Those two men defined my nightmares in my tween and teen years.

The cake topper, so-to-speak was a book called ‘Darkfall’ by Dean Koontz. The book covers a winter landscape and a city stalked by what the authorities fear is a psychopath. But as odd sounds are heard and silver eyes are seen the true horror of what is killing becomes known. Koontz is one of the masters of horror and if you are looking for some thrills and chills his books are where to meander towards. I would highly recommend his earlier titles, because like a good deal of authors their earlier work has something to prove – so it will stick with you.

Koontz’s timing and suspense are what keep you enthralled and the graphic detail that he goes into will chill you to the bone.  Koontz can just paint a picture of horrific proportions that is completely evil.


Recommended for horror fans, there are explicit scenes of violence and language. I read this one when I was young and I’m not scarred for life.