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Fighting for the PJV –

Elena vs. Rayne

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Name:    Elena Manory
Book Series:    The Hunted
Job:    Student and inevitable troublemaker
Height:    170cm
Weight:    59kg
Hair Colour:    Chocolate Brown
Eye Colour:    Hazel, a kaleidoscope of topaz and forest green
From:    Born on the Island of Corsica, but raised and lives in Cairns, Australia
Significant Other:    Just having a bit of fun with William Granville, English vampire and ex-member of the Roman Guard.
Signature Move:    Roundhouse kicks to the head
Kill Highlights:    The bastards don’t get back up again. That’s always a highlight for me.
Enemies:    Where do I start? Ask me who my allies are, it’s a much shorter list.
Favourite Pastime:    Reading Wheels Magazine and driving high end cars and motorbikes. Basically being around anything with wheels is a highlight for me.
Other Facts:    I just might be a comic genius and I’d seriously lay my life down for my adopted brother Lucas—he means everything to me.

My name is Elena Manory. I’m sixteen years of age and a girl, but don’t let that fool you into thinking I’m a delicate flower that you can push around. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. Delicate though my appearance may be, I’ve taken to calling my apparent good looks as unsuspecting camouflage. My hazel eyes will stare you down, my long slim legs will kick your ass, and my soft feminine hands will have no problem snapping your neck. I have sass, a serious lack of respect for authority, and I almost never listen when told to back away from a fight. Sometimes to my detriment, but make no mistake, I always get back up!
While other kids my age are binge drinking, club hopping, and rubbing up against boys, I’m holed up at the IMI, otherwise known as the Institute of Magical Intervention, an organization run by The Protectors—humans dedicated to the practice of magic and defence against supernatural entities. Although I don’t possess any magic of my own, I train hard alongside my adopted family, spending hours perfecting all forms of martial arts and moulding my body into a finely honed fighting machine. When I’m not laying my opponents down on the mat, I work on my knife skills, learning how best to incapacitate my prey.
The funny thing is I don’t really need the knife. I may still be human until I turn eighteen and complete my transformation into a vampire, but I’ve been recently ‘upgraded’—some serious new skills assisting with my ability to kick butt. Blood transference has unlocked some latent abilities. Some I expected, and some I did not. To add icing on the supernatural cake, I’m also half vânător, known as werewolves to those of you that need a more relatable word.
The Vânătors in my world are vicious and deadly. You can kill them, but they don’t go down without a fight. I used to be disgusted that I shared their DNA, now I know that it gives me an edge. It also endows me with a pretty determined attitude and a nasty temper when pissed off, and believe me—you don’t want to make me angry. Not only can I knock you off your feet, I can also heal within seconds from any damage inflicted. I’m strong, and I’m pretty damn happy to drink your blood if you’re offering, so watch what you say to the half breed, I just may bite!
Basically I’m here because I need a new challenge. I was recently kidnapped by a shape-shifting alpha vânător named John. He held me captive for over two days, draining me dry and threatening me with violence. I was scared. I’m not going to lie. I’m still human and I still fear the things that go bump in the night like hungry wolves with razor sharp teeth. But I saw the death of an innocent and something inside of me changed. I swallowed the fear that makes others want to pee their pants and loaded my proverbial guns with ammo. I exacted escape and proceeded to seek revenge on John’s pack by killing them with my bare hands.
It used to bother me how easily I could kill, to feel someone’s flesh give beneath my touch or hear the audible crunch of their bones as I snapped their neck. I’m either numb or simply indifferent, accepting death as a necessity when there are those that seek to bring harm to me or to those that I love. That’s why you should back me to win the Supernatural Smackdown. If nothing else, I fight for survival, to protect the innocent, and keep my loved ones safe.

Elena Manory is by no means an ordinary teenage girl. Being born with the ability to heal herself from any injury, and with the knowledge that on her eighteenth birthday she will become a vampire, Elena is aware that she is more than a little different from other girls her age. It isn’t until she meets William Granville, an alluring and impossibly handsome vampir
e, that she begins to question her destiny and what secrets the Institute of Magical Intervention and her adopted family have withheld—secrets that could change the fates of not only her own life, but of the lives of all the immortals. As events spiral out of control, William may be the only person Elena can place her trust in. He, and Elena’s magical family, must fight to save her, joining forces to defeat a common, deadly foe. For William, it is his chance to save the girl that he has searched eternity to find. The heroine in this highly-imaginative Aussie-based tale is a vampire—but she is something more. This is a fast-paced, intelligent and highly-entertaining novel … The final chapters are climatic, desperate, chilling. For a first novel, Berridge ticks all the boxes. She has the makings of a career author. To attempt what is now a well-worn theme and produce something fresh, vital and entertaining is the mark of an enterprising and crafted writer. —Wendy O’Hanlon, Acres Australia This is a debut novel from a bright and bubbly young author. It is entertaining, quirky and has some wry touches of humour … an adventurous lightly romantic read that will appeal to teenagers and other devotees of the vampire horror genre. —John Morrow’s Pick of the Week

About the Author:

Born in Perth, Western Australia in 1982, Kristy Berridge was ushered into the world in a decade of bad hair, parachute pants, and blue eye shadow. Fortunately, she managed to avoid all three influences by immersing herself in the business of growing up, and hitched a ride with her fun-loving, and adventure-filled parents to the sunny state of Queensland. Here she completed most of her education.

Besides learning that boys don’t have cooties, and that algebra wouldn’t kill her, she pointedly set the path of her high school career towards success in Art and English-based subjects, and won numerous awards for her efforts.

After high school she went on to study Graphic Design and Illustration at James Cook University, and then furthered her studies at the local TAFE college with an Interior Design course. With this knowledge under her belt, she also decided to undertake a three year Design course at Rhodec International in London, to complete her education and propel her towards the successful career she now enjoys.

She currently resides in Cairns with her husband Navaro, who is her biggest support and a constant source of motivation to finish the next novel…

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Supernatural Smack Down hosted by Dark Faerie Tales and Parajunkee's View