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Supernatural Smack Down hosted by Dark Faerie Tales & Parajunkee's View Supernatural Smack Down hosted by Dark Faerie Tales & Parajunkee's View

Fighting for the PJV – Nina Malkin’s Sin

Sin vs. Brock

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Name: Sinclair Youngblood Powers, AKA Sin

Book Series: SWOON (SWEAR, the sequel to SWOON, out October 18)

Job: Farrier (AKA blacksmith)

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: Indeterminable at present. 
Mortal, ghost, golem—each differs in terms of mass and in all honesty I’m not sure what I am now!

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Hailing from: Swoon, Connecticut 

Significant Other: Candice Reagan Moskow, AKA Dice

Signature Move: Igniting desire, and then fulfilling it

Enemies: Hypocrites

Favorite Pastime: Seduction

First, a confession: Engaging in a smackdown is entirely averse to my nature. For as I see it, I have no competition. I am simply unlike any monster you’ve ever encountered—in literature, in reality, or in your most sheet-twisting, lust-driven dreams. Although I wasn’t always so bad. Indeed, I came to manhood with a high sense of honor, and might have achieved much good had I lived.
    Had I lived…
    But I did not live…
    And now I damn that I was ever born.
    I am Sinclair Youngblood Powers, dead at age eighteen, the Year Our Lord 1769, the Colony of Connecticut, the town of Swoon.
    A small town, a simple town, a seething, spiteful, treacherous town.
    Where I, a half-breed bastard driven from my home, arrived to ply the farrier’s trade. Only it wasn’t my talent at the forge that earned my legend in Swoon; it was my prowess in pleasure. Admittedly, I own a certain surface allure—strapping physique and whorls of black hair, onyx eyes and a cocksure smile. But beyond my swain’s appearance lies a gift of uncanny sensitivity, and the skills to employ it. A woman looks at me and she knows that I know—her wants, her needs, often unuttered but relentless as the pull of the moon upon the tides. And so they came, under cover of darkness and cover of cloak, in secret and in stealth, compelled by desire—the women of Swoon. They came because I knew…
      Knowledge that proved fatal. Knowledge that led to my being hung from a tree in the Swoon village green. Knowledge that lay in wait to be reborn and wreak havoc. And so it was, centuries later, that my spirit seized the opportunity to possess an innocent, and the knowledge of wants and needs—that sensitivity, those skills—came perversely into play again.
For my second existence in Swoon, CT. For my rampage of revenge against the offspring of my persecutors. Then, transmogrified from ghost to golem—back to flesh and fueled by a kind of madness—I brought the town to its knees, exposing its gentry for all the malice and corruption in their hypocritical hearts.
     Is it any wonder I was known simply Sin?
     The fiend who took one beautiful girl as my instrument of retribution and another as my access to power, unearthly power beyond anything I could conceive as a mortal man.
     The only power greater? Love. Love, love, damn it all, love. Demon or not, I did love. Worthy or not, I received love. Yet ruthlessly I twisted it. Coerced the one who held my heart. Defied her. Betrayed her.
     So what made me imagine that in the end, after all the evil I had wrought, I’d be allowed to bask in the redemption of her wit, her warmth, her grace…her everything?
     That honor was mine, for a single night.
     Then—now—oblivion! Exile! Torment! A brutal abyss, a cruel prison of my own inadvertent creation.
     Crueler, my lady aches for me still. The bruise of our love imprints her skin as tender as the moment I put it there. Much as she tries to move forward, she cannot or will not forget me.
     Which brings me here—to this smackdown. Competition is anathema to me, but I’m grateful to Parajunkee’s View for offering a venue to make my story known. To make my promise known, to write my vow in cyber-stone: Here and now, by God and the devil, I swear to return to the one I love. To find her, fight for her if necessary and claim her, forever and eternity—or simply one more night…

A promise broken. A bond betrayed. It’s been six months since ghost-turned golem Sinclair Youngblood Powers confessed his love, stole Dice’s heart, and disappeared from Swoon, perhaps from existence. Despite the hurt, Dice has been moving steadily toward ordinary. Dreams of Sin still plague and pleasure her sleep, and the mark of Sin’s love remains on her skin, still sore. But Dice has been throwing herself into music, finding solace in song and sometimes even in the arms of her band mate, Tosh. Life seems almost…normal. The last thing Dice wants is to mess with anything remotely supernatural. But w
hen her best friend’s boyfriend goes missing, Dice has no choice but to become very much involved. She knows that his disappearance was no accident, and it somehow has everything to do with Sin. Because Dice can feel it: Sin is back. And the promises and deceptions he left in his wake have returned to haunt him.

What do you do when an oath of devotion threatens to destroy the one you love?

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Supernatural Smack Down hosted by Dark Faerie Tales and Parajunkee's View