After the #BB101 chat last Thursday evening the topic on everyone’s mind was comments.

  1. A lot of bloggers mention that they don’t receive a lot of comments on their blogs
  2. Bloggers mentioned that they don’t comment enough
  3. Experienced bloggers mentioned that they don’t like to leave “meaningless comments”
  4. Newer blogs mentioned that they’ll take any comment, they just want comments
  5. Experienced bloggers mentioned that generic comments can be considered almost like spam
What was quite obvious from the chat was that there really were two camps and it was in line with how many comments that particular blog received. Blogs with lower comment counts would love to have generic comments, just a simple hello would make their day. (We are generalizing though – I’m sure some lower comment generating blogs do still enjoy thoughtful comments).  An acknowledgment of the fact that you were on their blog, maybe read the post and were saying that they were there.

More seasoned blogs with higher comments weren’t too fond of those generic comments. And some even considered them spammish. Not really spam, but questions arose in their minds:

“Did they read the post?”
“Are they just commenting to get their link on the post?” (Even if you don’t leave a link in the comments your profile name is a link)

Those questions are very viable questions. Very viable. Especially if the comment is just on the lines of, “Hey, great review.”

**So there is the quandary.** Some bloggers, and I’m of the same thinking, would rather not comment at all than leave a “nice review” comment, because we know how generic comments make us feel. And time constraints a lot of the times restrict us from brainstorming these “fab” comments that we would love to leave yet lack the creative juices to spit out in droves. Yet, some bloggers would give anything for a “nice review” especially from some of the more seasoned bloggers with name recognition.

What is your take on the situation? Here is the poll question. Two fronts. Do you mind having people make generic comments on your blog?

“Nice review”
“I’m adding this to my TBR” Things like that. Comments that don’t give any indication that the person who commented actually read the post.

*Or* would you rather them not comment if they don’t have anything pertinent to say? Meaning, a reference to your post, or a comment regarding an idea or opinion that you brought up in the post.

Secondly, do you make generic comments, because you feel a comment is a comment? Or do you feel you need to leave a meaningful comment?

And what does this say to me or you? Do I make a point of leaving comments on peoples blogs, even if they are generic – especially if they have a low comment count? I know I have to comment more…how about you?

Reader questions:

I love your Quote Marks are you using now. Are they a code or an image?
Thanks – Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

A: Jen, they are code and image. I’ve set up a class that I use on a div, much like you would with a blockquote code. And then I just wrap each question in the div. It looks like this:

Insert question here.

And I have the coding set up in the CSS of my template, you can make the div look like anything you want, have any background or color. It’s a good way to add pinache to your blog!

In a previous BB101, you posted about emailing publishers. You said you should not include page view/follower count if the numbers are small.
I was wondering, what’s considered a few followers, and what’s considered a few page views? What’s considered “a lot” of them? And what’s average? I have a little over a 100 followers, and about 100 weekly pageviews (400 monthly). Should I mention that in an email for a book request?

Thanks so much for all the help! – Riv Re

Riv – I polled everyone in the chat #BB101 and most people were of the opinion that reaching 50, 100, 500 followers was a great milestone and is considered a good amount of followers. It might not be HUGE compared to other’s followers count but it is something to be proud of. If you believe your pageviews count is low, don’t include it. Mention just your follower count, or really don’t mention anything if you feel it is low. Mention what you think is an accomplishment. Authors mentioned that they look at interactive readers, comments, time in operation those type of things, instead of follower count. If you’ve been in operation for over six months focus on that. But, really I was jumping around when I got that 50th follower. It is something to be very proud of and you may not get through as many doors as someone with 1,000 followers, but you have to start somewhere and you’ll get there in time if you stick with it. And those blogs that you thought were mega might not even be in existence and you’ll be the old hat.

I can’t get to all the questions, but please ask your BB101 Questions here…