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Supernatural Smack Down hosted by Dark Faerie Tales & Parajunkee's View Supernatural Smack Down hosted by Dark Faerie Tales & Parajunkee's View

Fighting for the PJV – Alma Katsu’s Adair

Adair vs. Jaxon
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Name: Adair
Book Series: The Taker Trilogy
Job: master (and punisher) of wicked souls
Height: 5’8″ (they were shorter in the dark ages y’know)
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair Color: dark brown-black
Eye Color: olive with gold flecks
From (Location): Romania
Significant Other: pan-sexual
Signature Move: granting immortality to the wicked so he can torment them for eternity
Kill Highlights: many, but he doesn’t kill and tell
Enemies: the wicked, the good… just about everyone
Favorite Pastime: having sex, big fan of the hookah
Other Facts: has a temper like rocket fuel

You may call me Adair. I am the hero of The TAKER [Author’s note: He is NOT the hero.] The woman who chronicles my adventures tells me that you wish to know something about me for a competition, a tournament of supernatural warriors and mythical creatures, where we will square off against each other for your entertainment. I have agreed to participate in your event, even though I am neither supernatural nor a creature of folklore or the like. I am nothing more than a man, humble and simple. [Author’s note: You can probably tell already that he is NEITHER of these things.]
I will cast my lot against your mercenaries and demons for two reasons. One, I believe there is nothing any of these demons could do to harm me: I am immortal, impervious to all injury, protected by a very strong, ancient spell that is a covenant with the unseen forces of the universe. It is unbreakable, so what have I to fear from my so-called opponents, these pretty boys and pretenders?
Secondly, I have been told that a great many ladies will be attending this event, looking to bestow their favors on the champion, and it would sadden me to see the fair ladies of this realm worshipping some cut-rate prince when they could be worshipping me. Besides, I have never shied away from competition. I welcome all challengers.
I was born many centuries ago to a family of wandering Roma field workers in the territory of Hungary. My father sold me to a terrible old man, a physic employed by a nobleman but who was, secretly, an alchemist of great power. By today’s standards, you might call him a wizard, for his knowledge was primarily of the arcane arts and he had a special ability to manipulate the energy of the hidden world. He was not only a wily practitioner of these ancient arts, but he was a sadist and a pervert who molested young boys and abused his servants for his entertainment.
Such was my fate until I used my considerable intellect and cunning to defeat him and secure his fortune for myself in the bargain. However, this was not before the devilish physic had given me eternal life, thinking he would keep me as his servant forever! I was able to thwart him and, before destroying him, saved the last of his elixir of immortality, which I used to bestow eternal life on the worthy [Author’s note: those deemed worthy according to Adair’s self-serving criteria.] That is the only otherworldly power that I can claim: I can grant immortality to those who would join my family, and in exchange I only ask that they obey me.   
The woman who tells my story also says that readers of this column are apt to prefer a comely male to anything else, and so I will say a few words about myself, which otherwise I would loathe to do, owning to my great modesty. I have been told that I am very handsome in a way that is intriguing to many women. “Exotic” is a word used frequently to describe me, although I suppose it is mainly due to my coloring, which is darker than you normally would see among Hungarians, and my curly, near-black hair. I am very strong, as one would expect from a peasant. It is often said that my eyes are my best feature—olive and gold, much like a wolf’s—but I do not agree. Without a doubt, my [DELETED] is my best feature. You will rarely find a [DELETED] like it in all the world, not so much long as it is thick, stout enough that it takes both of a woman’s small hands to span its girth; in truth, too big for some women to fit it comfortably in their [DELETED]. Yes, my [DELETED] has given much pleasure to me and to my lucky partners over the years—innumerable partners over these many, many years. [Author’s note: I apologize; I tried to warn him that there might be minors reading this post, but as you can see, he is inordinately proud of his (DELETED).]
I believe I have given you ample reason to choose me as the winner of this competition. After all, I am merely a mortal like you who, relying on his intelligence and pluck—and one other generously sized, God-given gift—has overcome considerable adversity to become what I am: a force to be reckoned with.

Dr. Luke Findley is on the midnight shift in the emergency room when the police bring in a young woman. Few strangers come to this remote town in northernmost Maine in the winter, and this stranger is accused of a bizarre crime: killing a man and leaving his body in the Great North Woods. The young woman, Lanny, tells the doctor that she and the man in the woods lived in this town at its founding two hundred years ago, until fate sent
enced them to an eternity of unhappiness until they atone for their sins.
The man in the woods is Jonathan, son of the town’s founder, and the love of Lanny’s life. After Lanny commits a terrible sin in the hope of claiming Jonathan for her own, she’s banished from town and sent to Boston to serve her penance. In Boston, she falls in with a beguiling yet frightening man, Adair, who has otherworldly powers, including the ability to confer immortality. His world is one of unknown sensual pleasures and seemingly limitless power, but at what price?
Adair wants to add Jonathan to the collection of treacherous courtiers who do his bidding (but for unknown ends) and sends Lanny back to Maine to collect him. It seems like the answer to Lanny’s deepest desire—to be with Jonathan forever—but once Jonathan has joined Adair’s pack of immortals, she sees that Adair is not what he seems and his intentions toward Jonathan are far worse than she imagined. And now it is up to her to save her beloved—and herself—from a terrible fate designed to last for all eternity.
The Taker is a story of the power of love to corrupt, to drive us to do terrible things in its name, and the courage it takes to sacrifice in the name of love and ultimately be worthy of absolution.

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