I sit here in stunned silence. 

You see, I never expected to make the Short List for BBAW. I stayed away from the blog once I saw I made the long list, didn’t pester to vote, didn’t even hope. I figured that it was awesome that you lovely people nominated me, but there were some really good blogs that I was listed next to, so chances were that this would be it. But, it would seem, I made it through. Pushed my way through to The Short List (Pause while I jump around the house, scare the neighbors, the cat and the small child and then call up Prada to get my awards nominee gown ready – ok I can’t afford even Prado — I guess this Target Prom Dress will do. Realize there won’t be a red carpet and an awards ceremony, so sit back down and finish penning this post) and realized that you guys love me…you really do! *sniffle sniffle*
Seriously though, this is amazing and to not just make it, but all three categories that I was nominated made it through…I am humbled and shocked and I can’t thank everyone enough. I really didn’t think it would come to this.
I’m on the list for:
Best Book Blog Feature or Series of Posts

Best Book Blog Meme
Feature and Follow my Book Blog
(when I went to vote, I wasn’t on the list though – so maybe this short list is a mistake, I’ll keep you posted)
and most flattering:
Best Written Blog – Parajunkee’s View

I really appreciate this everyone! You are beautiful beautiful people. If you would like to vote, it ends on the 10th…and you can vote here. 
I’m also not surprised to see a few awesome blogs also on these lists, congratulations to: 
Supernatural Snark for niche category: Eclectic Book Blog {how cool is that!}
 Roof Beam Reader for niche category: Literary Fiction Book Blog {boy power!}
  Smexy Books for niche category: Romance Book Blog {I love some smexy!}
 Book Chick City  for niche category: Speculative Fiction Book Blog {Holla!}
And wow…congrats The Book Vixen & Pure Imagination for niche category Young Adult Book Blog {a very tough decision – both of them are amazing!!}
Also congrats to The Unread Reader for her Blog Feature When I’m Not Reading & her Meme My Book Boyfriend
You guys should be very excited and I can’t wait to see the results. Everyone has put so much time into their blogs and this is just a representation of the fact that people are actually paying attention. Congrats. Don’t forget to vote!