For the past few days something has been niggling at my brain. “I believe I might have forgotten something.” Now, this happens a lot, I tend to be a little forgetful sometimes.  I blame overexposure to insanity (family, not mine). This morning the niggling got much worse.

I tried to jump start my brain…so I took pictures of myself thinking hard with — went out and bought donuts — sugar stimulates the brain, and my kid is sick and stated “donuts would cure her”, who am I to argue with that logic? That didn’t work, though.  Got some fun pics of myself though.

I jumped on twitter and read my mentions, a friend of mine tweeted out about her Two Year Blogiversary celebration. Well, her and I had practically started up at the same time — AHA moment!!

It’s my…

Ok. Well yeah. Been at this for a bit. But, really what does it matter? What should I do? So, I baked myself a cake*…

Not quite as satisfying as I thought…cause my family was like – “why are you throwing yourself a party?” “Who’s Parajunkee??”

Lame Family!

Well, then I got depressed and mixed myself a drink. But realized it was only 10 am, so I drank it anyway. It is New Orleans – I put some cranberry juice in there – it is juice! Juice = Breakfast. (Ok, sorry I’m being a bad influence – for my under 21 readers – don’t drink! Alcohol = Bad)

No matter how tasty that drink might have been, still not satisfied…and then another AHA MOMENT! I need to celebrate with the awesomeness that is Bloggerville! Not with my family, or even the dog…ya’ll would appreciate 2 years of endless blog posts!!! And then of course, I wouldn’t be in this particular 2 year position if it weren’t for my fab readers – TAKE A BOW PLEASE oh FAB READERS!!!

And just as I decided this I GOT THREE EMAILS! Three! From BBAW – yep I got a few nominations. And I know how I got these nominations YOU GUYS! I teared up a bit. Yep. A little. (sorry for all the pictures – I’m having fun with instagram and someone made a casual mention that I didn’t get personal enough sometimes! Criticism sticks with ya…)

So, I just have to say —

And in honor of this rockness!! I am doing a multi-part giveaway! Yup! This is the first part…

*I didn’t really bake that cake…(found the image online) this story was really 2 parts fiction, 1 part delusional and a few bits of truth.