It would seem since I have been on an apocalypse kick for awhile, so audible.com was keen on me listening/reading to TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN and I had done a marvelous job ignoring them…even though it kept popping up on my recommended lists on both amazon and audible. You see, even though I enjoyed RED DAWN the movie, I didn’t know if I would like to read about it – and that is what the reviews constantly compared it to. I guess I should have listened to Auntie Amazon and Audible, they were right. I should have read, listened, inhaled TOMORROW a long time ago, because it was a fantastic read and has thus launched me on a mission to get a hold of a digital copy of the Australian made movie inspired by the book. (Which is IMPOSSIBLE!!!) One day I guess. This book has it all, smart witty teens, a bit of action, action and more action, innocent coming of age drama, a slight bit of romance and a carefully tailored setting that had me wanting to board the next plane to Australia.

Ellie and her friends have planned a spontaneous camping trip that ventures deep into the bush of the Australian outback. Their camping is fun and might spark a romantic interest or two, but besides that it all goes as planned…until they return home. Only a week has passed but their houses seem abandoned, their pets are starving, dying or already dead. Something is seriously wrong and as they push further into town they realize that those jets they had noticed flying over at the beginning of their trip might not have been domestic. They have been invaded, their families held in makeshift POW camps and households suspected to hold insurgents are being bombed indiscriminately. They are at war and to escape capture Ellie and her friends must make choices, what will they do, who will they hurt to survive and stay free?

Phenomenal ride! I was literally on the edge of my seat throughout the entirety of this novel. Haters can yammer all they want that this is just like Red Dawn and I give it to them – TOMORROW is like Red Dawn, just like TWILIGHT is like The Vampire Diaries. Same concept – yeah, but the story is compelling, heart-felt and intense, it entertained me, broke my heart at times and had my anxiety up. I also did this one via audio book so I got to experience the Australian accents, which was fun. I love their accents – but they didn’t fall into a lot of Aussie slang, which was a relief because frankly I’m usually at a loss with a lot of their “shortened” words. You have to check this one out and I’m literally restraining myself to not grab book two.

Recommended for fans of young adult apocalypse novels. There are some heavier themes with violence and some sexual references so recommended for more mature teens, but there is nothing graphic that should turn off parents.


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