A huge fan of the series, I was excited to be able to review the Storm Born graphic novel, even if it was in PDF format. I really believe a graphic novel is best experienced in print, mainly because layout is usually a major part of the experience. Full page spreads, etc. Yet, even though not my first choice in how to read…the Storm Born Vol 1 & 2 that were sent to me for review were beyond belief, awesome. They stuck with the story line to the letter, the characters were like I would have imagined – well Kiyo was a little hotter than I would have thought. (I always imagined him to be dorky – even though he really wasn’t described that way – my way of emoting on him)

I was…Pleased, pleased, pleased as punch with the illustration of David Hamann and the scripting of Grant Alter and I can’t wait to read more of the Dark Swan graphic novel. I just need to get my grubby hands on a printed set — not scheduled for release until October.

The comics follow the story of Eugenie, Dark Swan – to the letter, just like the books. Volume one and two are an introduction to Eugenie and her unusual occupation of freelance Shaman. The story opens with her exorcising a nasty spirit from a tennis shoe that makes a few choice comments before Eugenie manages to get him to the other side. First he knows her name and second, he might have been hitting on her. It’s strange but she talks herself into thinking it’s nothing. Eugenie’s life is not what you would call normal – but things seem stranger than usual around her and she is contemplating taking on a case that the logical side of her says to stay FAR away from. A case where she would have to go body and soul into the Otherworld, something everyone around her says she would be insane to do. To distract herself, Eugenie finds herself in a bar, she needed crowds, people distraction. She finds it in the arms of a half-Japanese vet named Kiyo. It’s instant attraction…but Kiyo is not the innocent, normal vet that he seems and an overnight stay and an encounter with an elemental proves it to both of them. Distractions aren’t always a good thing. 

Hamann has some of the images from Vol. 2 up on his deviant art site, take a look at how fab they are…

Dark Swan Issue 2 Samples by
~Apathy-Inc on @deviantART

Recommended for fans of Urban Fantasy, the fae. This is also a good way to transition into to graphic novels. Like the book and then check out the comic.


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