A spectacle to behold, ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD is a darkly intense thriller that will leave you breathless – not knowing which way to turn. Kendare Blake’s words burn from the page, her writing style perfectly crafted with a darkness and odd sense of humor that made for an engrossing read. I was won over by the characters, blown away by the plot and enchanted by the progression. I did not expect this novel. To say this book is a thriller and leave it at that is like saying Romeo & Juliet is a romance. ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD needs to be experienced and Ms. Blake needs to hurry up and write more because I am hooked and I need my next fix.

Theseus Cassio Lowood is one of a kind. Armed with an anthame that he inherited from his murdered father, Theseus, better known as Cas, kills the dead. The dead he sends “away” aren’t your garden-variety spooks, either. These are no chain rattlers, or table shakers that he stalks. Cas goes after the killers. The ghost that haunts the highway, hitching and then killing unwary do-gooders, the girl that haunts her old house and rips anyone to shreds that sets foot inside – these are who/what Cas hunts. He moves from town to town, following, tracking and hunting. His only companions – his mother and their cat. When he gets a tip that leads him to the ghost called ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD, Cas is instantly drawn to the story. Cas and his mother move to Thunderbay and almost instantly he is told the story of Anna Koslov and how she has killed and dismembered anyone that has set foot within her home. By befriending the a-typical popular girl, Carmel and pissing off Mike, the a-typical meat-head jock, Cas finds himself on Anna’s porch, being whacked over the head by a 2×4 and thrown into the house…when he comes to he sees Anna. She is a goddess of death, drenched in blood – and she spares him. She has never spared anyone…

From the character development to the smart writing style of Blake, to the gothic setting and back-story, this novel had it all. Full of thrills, blood and guts, hinted romance and quirky side characters, ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD had me riveted from page one. This is not your typical young adult novel, in fact this is the most intensely portrayed ghost story that I’ve read in any age range. Cas is a larger than life character and ANNA – well, there is no describing ANNA. She is everything, feared, pitied, revered, sympathized, horrified…her character was so well depicted that she could almost come alive (even though I would run screaming like a wuss!) and walk into the room. This book scared me and comforted me and entertained me…I’m ridiculously pleased and I can’t wait for more.

Full of thrills, blood and guts, hinted romance and quirky side characters, ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD had me riveted from page one.

Recommended for mature teens, there is descriptive violence and mature language. Recommended for horror and thriller fans. Fans of Koontz and King – if you are looking for a YA title this is the one for you! It also reminded me a bit of I AM NUMBER FOUR stemming from the fact that it has a strong male lead with a quirky, nerdy side kick and a hottie popular chick floating around in it.


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