Do you happen to know the specifics of how S&S; Galley Grab works? Can you browse or are you assigned titles? How can you sign up for it? – Anon

Simon and Schuster’s Galley Grab program is something similar to but S&S; keeps it completely in-house. They usually have a few titles each month that they allow to be downloaded and they let you know via email each month.

The website is located here. Simon & Schuster Galley Grab

The website states that the Galley Grab program is for invited guests only, which is where the quandary lies. But, most bloggers are usually invited by one of the authors in a newsletter or via a blog post. They’ll have a banner on a site (like for Lisa McMann’s Cryer Gross galley) that says click here and it will take you to the sign-up page.

Emailing someone at Simon & Schuster might also get you in the door. Just a quick question to an email listed on their website.

When you are invited, once a month an email will go out with a list of the titles that are on the “grab” you can click a link to download any of those titles and you usually have one month or as little as 14 days before they expire. You can only read them on certain software and most of it is via your computer. There are ways of getting around them and reading them via your iPad or smart phone or things like that, but it varies per device.

A few weeks ago I started working on an event.  I posted on a few forums looking for feedback and possible co-hosts.  I never got any answers, but I went ahead and put it together anyway.  For two weeks, I’ve been relentlessly marketing my event.  Not a week later another post pops up, in the same forums I’ve been marketing on, for the same event I’m hosting, but on another blog.
Basically, I’m a little pissed.  I put a lot of effort into putting together what I hope will be an awesome event.  I even looked for co-hosts!  I can’t help but want to say something to this other blogger.
What would you do? – Bekka

Same exact? Meaning like same name? Same topics? Same Modus operandi? Because that would be rude and rather forward to post it in the same forum. Or is it just similar? If it is a blatant rip, I would email the blogger. I would send them a sort of “cease and desist” letter. Something along the lines … I posted my idea in the forum, dated XX XX XX, your initiation of the event is almost an exact replica of my event. Out of a courtesy to a fellow blogger I would hope that you could stop doing the event or change the name and parameters. Don’t be ugly though. Ugly will only get returned ugliness.

If it is just a similar event. On the same lines, but a different name, things like that you have to take like a good blogger. These things happen, but there is really nothing you can do about it. You can’t own an idea. It would be like if I came up with the French Fry – I can hold on tightly to my recipe but if someone comes up with something similar I can’t freak out. Even if they do it better.

Punch a pillow. Bitch about it on twitter. Unfollow and give the evil eye to their blog. But just keep it in your heart that you did it first, this person can’t come up with an original idea so they have to copy it from you and then pity them their flatness.

It happens and it happens a lot! But, remember sometimes it happens by accident. Sometimes other bloggers don’t realize it. Ideas are like butterflies they flit around the world erratically.

Is there such a thing as “Giveaway” etiquette? Like, what is the appropriate time to post a giveaway if an author or publisher provides a book for the giveaway? Is it better to do the giveaway before the review, after the review, with the review? And what if the review is critical? – Aimee

  1. If you are scheduling the giveaway with a review you should give yourself one month to read and prepare the review
  2. If it is a negative review I would rethink having the giveaway at all. But, I’m talking HATE the book type of critical. If it is just a middle of the road sort of critical, I would probably post the review after the giveaway post
  3. Praising review? Maybe the day before the giveaway post, get them excited! Maybe list I’ll be giving away this book on such and such date…
  4. Most of the time, though if I’m given a copy to review/giveaway I post the giveaway with my review

There is no real etiquette set in stone,  just that if you are given a review copy with a giveaway to go with it, review the book. If you are given “promo copy” and then a copy of the book thrown in, which does happen a lot. there is not as much pressure to review it with the giveaway. Publishers will usually specify if they want the review posted with the giveaway.

Okay, Rachel, I’m going to drive you nutz with my persistent queries. What If you have multi-contributors on your site (new situation), an author has just submitted a review request and more than one person wants to accept the opportunity to read and review the same book? Is there a general rule that normally applies in this type situation? Do we all fight over the request…  pull hair, set traps, sabotoge email accounts, to be the one chosen to do the review? Just kidding, we’re all civilized, I think. What is the best way to handle that type of situation? – Aimee

My suggestion would be the person that gets this first copy of the “chosen book” sits out for the next hot copy. Maybe go in alphabetical order. The next time it happens the person that was left out the first time gets the book. I do this with my kid and her friends, LOL.

Hi Parajunkee, Thanxs for sharing this wonderful go to bloging guide. I just love all the help you have provided me & my blog with so far. Also I was hoping to get some help with my basic “0 Comments” link. I want it to stand out, is there any thing I can add to blogger like a widget or code, to make it stand out like my addthis buttons? – Fellow Blogger

our COMMENTs link will be listed in your POST FOOTER section. Depending on your template that you’ve chosen you could have more options than I’m showing here…take a look at what it looks like for my template. (Click on the image to make it larger)

In this area you can change the font color and the background to make it stand out a little more.

Want to make it go even crazier? This will require CSS change-ups. You know the name of it right? POST FOOTER — well now we need to go into your EDIT HTML in the template and check out our options in POST FOOTER.

Back to Blogger > Template > scroll down > Edit Template

(This will vary for different templates)

Search text: .post-footer

This will be the CSS that changes what you .post-footer looks like:

To make your font bigger, you will be concerned with:
  font-size: 90%;

This mean it will be 90% the size of your “page text”

Increase 90% to 98% and you are increasing it 8% in size, on 2% smaller than your page text. Go over 100% and you will be increasing it larger than your page text.

Want to change the font? This is where you would insert a font code, something like:

font-family: ‘Carme’, sans-serif;
Find a fun font on the Google Font Directory and use it! Change things up, it’ll make it stand out!

Hey PJ you so ****ing {edited 😉 } rock. I want to start a book blog but I’m not quite sure how to get started. I was thinking since you are like an expert on this you could mentor me, or kind of show me the ropes tell me what to do those type of things. I so look forward to hearing from you!  – Flippy

I really do get a lot of these type of questions. In fact probably one a week, which I guess isn’t that much, but I don’t know what is really expected of me? Do you want me to start your blog for you? I thank you for thinking that I’m an expert (which I’m not – I just tell you what I would do) and thinking that I could make a difference in your endeavors, but this is kind of why I do these Blogging 101 posts so you can read them and make the decisions yourself. I can answer singled out questions – but I really don’t think it would be in my best interest to mentor or show someone the ropes. Once again, why I’ve done these posts. Sorry. I would like to be a lot more helpful!

That’s it folks. Talk less. Read More. Happy Thursday.

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