Jospehine Angelini’s debut novel, STARCROSSED was a enticing read that kept me engaged and emotionally involved from page to page. I fell in love with the characters, the setting, the plot and the mythical undertones of the storyline. Can you say, “Highly Impressed?” The whirlwind romance and emotional upheavals that resulted in Helen’s past, future and heritage was spectacular. I’m glad I don’t have a weak heart because this novel was a heart-attack inducer. I wanted to scream and cry and slap sense into the characters a few times as I read (well listened to them being read) these pages. I highly recommend STARCROSSED and am patiently waiting for DREAMLESS (2012).


On the tiny island of Nantucket lives Helen Hamilton. Helen is one of the most beautiful girls that most people have had the opportunity to gaze upon, but her insecurity and penchant for shying away from the spotlight tends to make her more of an outcast than popular. Her only friend Claire is her saving grace but as Helen is wracked with nightmares that feel more real than a dream she feels like she is losing her grip on reality. To make matters worse every time she comes into contact with one of the Delos boys, the newest family to move to the island, all she can think of is that she wants to suck the life right out of them. Homicidal thoughts are very new to the usually peaceable Helen, added to her homicidal tendecies, she is also seeing images of three bloody women that appear before her every time she comes in contact with a Delos. Helen knows something is seriously wrong with her and it would seem the Delos’ know a lot more about her than she does – but she can’t get close to them without trying to murder them. What is a girl to do?

The best way I can describe STARCROSSED is a Percy Jackson series for chicks. Angelini combines the mythical story of the Greek gods, action, romance, emotional turmoil and fate into one epic tale that kept me up at night, thinking about what Helen and Lucas will do next. The mythology of this story made it just so much more, Angelini brought it to life and made it seem real even though some of the aspects were a little hard to swallow. I also really enjoyed the characters of the book, especially Claire. I liked Claire and Helen’s flawed yet supportive friendship. It really worked for me.

On top of the plot twists and turns and the characters, I really enjoyed certain aspects that Angelini wove into the story. While odd, the “kill-on-sight” craziness that happened in the beginning of the novel was well executed and it worked. Angelini brought you from one extreme to the next, from insecurity to hatred to love to fear to acceptance, all within a few pages. It was definitely a roller coaster of emotional trauma.

Some have mentioned that the romance was a little too whirlwind, but I thought it worked. Helen and Lucas went from hating each other – to really sacrificing their lives for each other. Strong emotion can go both ways, so the fact that they went from hate to love was actually quite believable. You know how quickly you can go from love to hate, why can’t it be the opposite? On top of that he is the one that knows her history, her fate and he saved her life. These types of emotionally intense aspects can be transferred very quickly into love.

The setting of the book also became a living entity to me. Angelini brought the island of Nantucket alive in her writing and I loved hearing about it. I almost want to visit. I could really go on and on with this novel… how I liked that there was an adult presence in this book that is sometimes lacking in young adult books. The fact that I felt tied into the story and found myself thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it was a big plus for me. The emotional aspect of the novel being the most poignant and enjoyable as I listened. I did this one as an audio book and I was listening to it everywhere. I couldn’t get enough. And yet while I have crazy likes about this book, there were a few downers:
What I didn’t like about the novel was some of the plot points. Out of all the places in the world why would the Delos just happen to move to Nantucket and why wouldn’t they have killed Helen on sight? It might have been explained away slightly, but I didn’t quite grasp their holding back.

SPOILER: Another dislike is a spoiler so step back if you don’t want to read. I disliked the mom greatly and thought the fact that Helen went off with her mother ridiculous. Why would she have done this no matter what her mother said?

It didn’t make sense to me. Shame on you Helen! 🙂


Overall a great read and something I highly recommend for fans of Young Adult, mythology and romance. If you’ve enjoyed books like the Percy Jackson series, or Romeo and Juliet type romances this is the book for you.


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