PJ Fact #24 – I am a Buffy nut. Buffy ran while I was in college and I was entranced with the snarky, pop-culture spouting, insanity of the whole show. I could literally watch rerun after rerun of the show – and for the year of 2005 my television dial never left TNT or TBS (one of those) because of the constant reruns. When I saw they had the Buffy Graphic Novel on netgalley.com I had to download it – even though graphic novels are best viewed on paper. Even with the silly scrolling and hard to read text boxes I still loved this comic!

The characters looked so similar to the characters of the television show and the quirk and snark of the dialogue was still in full force. This is a must read for Buffy fans!

The comic picks up where Season 7 left off. All the slayers have been activated and Buffy is the general of this rag-tag bunch that has holed up in a castle halfway around the world from Sunnydale (now a crater). It is revealed that there are at least 1800 slayers that have been activated and 500 that are working for the Scooby Gang.

Buffy’s gang is thought to be a terrorist organization though, especially after the destruction of Sunnydale, which according to a branch of the US Military is her sole doing. In the rubble, members of this military organization stumble across one of Buffy’s old foes, who is determined to enact revenge on Buffy.

Must read for Buffy fans!

While this is going on, Buffy is investigating humans with odd tattoos on their chest and trying to placate her sister who by dating a demon has turned into a giant – all the while going on missions to snuff out demon infestations and training the novice slayers.

It was a great extension of the series, full of complex plot sequences, tremendous artwork and a great script. I can’t wait to move on to Vol. 2.

For fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I don’t think I would recommend this to people that are not even slightly familiar with the series. You don’t have to previously been into graphic novels…if you like/love/lust/covet Buffy – you MUST check out these comics.