What the frack is Klout and why should I care? – Anon

Klout’s definition of their scoring is “The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. The scores range from 1-100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence.”

Why does it matter? Think of it as a grading of how much your social influence is making an impact on people. Are people actually responding, listening, clicking? Klout lets you know if people are actually responding to you via social media.
Klout is great for businesses, especially if they are trying to figure out if hiring that full-time twitter guy will have a great ROI or if it is just a waste of money because no one is even responding. But, it can also help you, the blogger, judge if your WORDS are actually getting out there. Not to mention Klout will show you, the user the difference in the big Spammer accounts and the actually accounts that are trying to interact with users and pass on quality information when judging who to follow back.

Supposably there are three things that you are judged on for Klout. Your True Reach – who follows you, who you follow and how many lists that you have been added in. Then it judges you on Amplification Probability, how your tweets and posts are responded to by followers. Are they RTd a lot, do your tweets and posts start conversations? Things like that. Last but not least, they judge you on Network Influences, meaning how much Klout do your friends have? Meaning do the people you follow have Klout also? It has been described as incestuous and it is, because if your friends don’t have Klout well they don’t matter and who is judging you, well Klout of course.

So why do I care about Klout? Well, first it is fun to know that I’m one of the “cool kids” on twitter. I like judging standards and my Klout score affirms that I’m actually getting information out there and people are responding to it. On top of it, Klout offers perks. I was able to be one of the first US users to try Spotify because of my Klout score. I’ve also gotten a free audio book and a years supply of deodorant. Silly things, but what other sites send you deodorant??

Finally, though, Klout also points you in the right direction for social media networking. It encourages you to do things that you should be doing with your twitter and facebook accounts to promote your blog:

  1. Join in on conversations
  2. Start conversations
  3. Send out meaningful content
  4. Network with other bloggers
  5. And do all of this consistently

There have been some articles on how to increase your Klout score and this is one that has been referred to constantly if you are interested: http://nateriggs.com/2010/12/08/improve-klout-score-tips

But, don’t take my word for it, what is your Klout score? Here is mine: http://klout.com/#/parajunkee

Okay, dumb question here but perfect for computer lingo challenged people like me.
What is the difference in page views and unique visitors? I want to include my stat info for publishers upon request but stats and such are so confusing for me. – Anon

Pageviews is how many times your site has been viewed, so if I routinely visit your site, or hit refresh while I’m on your site, that is a pageview. A unique visitor is a view by a user in one session. So the first time I click on your site it judges that as a unique visitor. If I reload it counts as a pageview not a unique visitor. If I close my browser though and then go back to your site that is counted as another unique visitor.

Hi! Me and my friend have had a book blog for about a year now, and our favorite part is probably hosting book giveaways. However, neither of us have a lot of money to buy stuff for giveaways, and while publishers are very generous, we would still like to do more than our occasional giveaway. Any ideas for a budget-friendly but fun giveaway? – Amanda

Bookdepository is big and offers free shipping and discounted books. This is a good option on a budget.

Swag! Bookmarks are always a fun idea and cheap to ship!

Other than that, giveaways are a big investment. Books + Shipping = about $10 for paperbacks and $20 for hardbacks.

Try getting your hands on inexpensive books which might cut costs and always ship MEDIA MAIL – very inexpensive (about $3.00 a book).

I’m thinking of doing a giveaway. What’s acceptable for a prize and what’s not (i.e., swag, new/used books, gift cards, etc.)? – Sarah

Anything is acceptable for a giveaway! Swag, new and used books and gift cards are great ideas. Some might not have the desired draw as others might have, say a Gift Card might be a lot hotter than a Used Book – but all are acceptable.

I am going to be a freshman in high school and I just started my blog. I was wondering how can I improve my writing on my blog ?

Also, how old do you have to be to receive ARCs and go to the different conventions? – Abby

Improve your writing by practicing and proofreading. Sometimes when I’m working on a hard post I’ll write it out, dump it and rewrite it. This way the thought is in my head and I can hone it better the second time around. Then proofread, proofread, proofread and no matter how many times you do this, there will still be errors. Having someone else look over it is also a great idea. By others picking out the mistakes you make, it will help you know what mistakes you have a tendency to make.

About the conventions and ARCs, from what I could tell there is no age limit for convention and ARCs.

You know, I don’t care what you say, I’m still going to post about my
dogs. They always get a ton of comments every time I do that, so I’m just going to do it. I don’t know how you justify it, it’s my blog and I don’t think it is a mistake. – Anon

That is superb, if they get a lot comments, more power to you. Once again, I was just saying from a book bloggers perspective you might want to stick to just books. I was just putting it into perspective that if a person follows you – from a book readers stand-point (not a social stand-point) and wants to know about books, most of them will not stop and read your posts on the Shih-Tzu names Pookie and her exploits with your stuffed panda. Then added to that if a publisher is looking for a new blog to add to their “reviewer” list and they stumble upon Pookie – they might skip to the next blog that has an actual book topic.

Never a matter of what you SHOULD do with your blog, just better blogger practices when trying to enhance your BOOK BLOG. Now, if you had a Doggie Blog – well I would be telling you to get the books off of it and focus on Pookie and Mr. Stuffy.

That’s it folks. Talk less. Read More. Happy Thursday.

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