Major Book Blogger Mistakes Part II

Continued from last week’s, Major Book Blogger Mistakes, here are four more mistakes that can be easily made.

Book Blogger Mistake #4 All About You

Adding a personality to your blog is one thing, making it all about you is another. I might get a few stink faces on this one, because frankly I know you guys like talking about yourself and posting updates about your dogs…cats, gerbils, etc. But, the problem lies with your readers. Those five or so close blogger buddies that you’ve made along the way might really be interested and respond to your personal posts all the time, but generally it is not something people want to read. The general readership doesn’t care about your day-to-day mundane. Readers want interesting – funny quips about a book experience maybe, but the fact that you just did P90X for two days in a row, not really of interest. Let’s face facts, you are not a celebrity and only their mundane is interesting.

If you do enjoy blogging about your dogs exploits at the dog park and the fact that you love to collect rocks that look like Jesus – that really is great, but maybe don’t post it on the blog you are marketing as a book blog.

Book Blogger Mistake#5 No Collaboration

Do you know who your competition is? Maybe blogs that started up around the same time as you and cover the same genres? To really market well you have to narrow down that competition – and the fun thing about the blogging world – team up with them! Promoting your competition will generate buzz for both. It is not like you are both on the same corner selling hot dogs – there is a huge online world out there and the more book blogs the merrier, right? Collaboration can be anything from Guest Posting on another book bloggers blog, to having that same person guest post on yours. Teaming up together to do joint events, giveaways, reviews, you name it, you can team up and do it!

Networking will make or break your blog and your network is mostly other book bloggers (we are an incestuous bunch!) so get out there and make friends. Cross promotion is fun and there are tons of interesting ways to do it.

Book Blogger Mistake #6 Where is the SEO?

You are an online entity – the point of your blog is to be read – online search engines will help drive readers to your pages, so why are you ignoring them?

You really should make sure that each post that you create is SEO friendly, because those are the bread-winners. All those pretty words that you post day in and day out are getting crawled and processed and spit out there. If you have a bunch of just so-so posts that are not hot with keywords then they won’t get you noticed. Yet, if you take a little bit of time to narrow down some keywords for each post you might have a little more luck on Google.

  1. Your first goal is to have a descriptive and keyword rich title. If it is a giveaway, list giveaway in the title. Always list the name of the book and include the author, I even like to include review (if it is a review) i.e. PJ Review: House of Glass by Rebecca Pain. Don’t neglect those titles, they are the first thing everyone sees!
  2. Section headers are fun. Use those

    tags! For example maybe put a quotable line within an

    tag in the center of your review.

    “I loved this Paranormal Romance! It’s is the best Farrah Lynn has ever written!”

  3. Anchor links! Anchor links! Never link something to click here. Link it to a descriptive phrase. Maybe try for CLICK HERE FOR MORE BLOGGING TIPS. This is a very big deal. You always want your links to say what they are linking to. Click here = Bad, use it in a sentence if you want the link to be obvious.
  4. Narrow down and utilize those keywords throughout your post. Let’s say your post will be a review of Illona Andrew’s Kate Daniels series. You might like to have your keywords as:
  • Illona Andrews
  • Kate Daniels
  • Magic Bites
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal Romance

How to implement this? Instead of saying “Best Book Ever!” say “Best Paranormal Romance Ever!” I know it narrows it down to genre – but be specific. Use the authors name – instead of saying “the author” or she. Again, use Kate Daniels name. Repeat MAGIC BITES instead of the novel, or the book.And finally, utilize labels, all of your keywords should be labels.

Book Blogger Mistake #7 Engage the Reader

Flat posts don’t get comments. Engage that reader! Ask questions, post controversial topics, or post about exciting current trends…just get them engaged and motivated to comment. Then RESPOND RESPOND RESPOND.I don’t know how many times I go to a blog and they have maybe 30 comments in their queue and NO RESPONSES from the blogger. There is one particular blog that I see this at ALL the time. And it’s like “HELLO? Is anyone there?” I still don’t know why anyone even bothers to comment on this blog, but they do and never a response. I’ve even commented and tried to illicit a response, thinking maybe they responded via email. Nope. Nothing. Next time I’ll comment something rude, that’ll get a response I’m sure. ;)This just makes the blogger look bad if they don’t respond. Or at least to me. Your blog should be a conversation. Responding builds relationships and strengthens your readership. It’s said that only 1% of readers comment. Reward those comments, they are making an effort.

Now for some quick questions:

Hello! I’ve recently started my own book blog and everything has been going great; I get to meet other book addicts who are all very nice, and share my own views  too. However, I heard some book bloggers in the States receive ARCs or review copies from publishers.  As an international blogger residing in Asia, I was just wondering if there was any chance I would receive such requests as well-I know shipping is expensive! – International blogger

You might get a few, but unfortunately most publishers will not go through the trouble of shipping a book overseas. Large publishers have branches in each country – there is a Macmillan US, Macmillan UK and so on. The marketing reps that are in charge of handing out those ARCs are focused on their countries sales. Sending an ARC to Asia would be like taking out an advertisement in Russia for the Superbowl. Granted it might happen a few times, but I wouldn’t count on it regularly. I personally would maybe give NetGalley a try – eARCs might be less discriminatory.

I want to link to more positive reviews of a book that really wasn’t for me on other blogs. Should I email the bloggers to ask if I can link to their review first? Thanks for any advice in advance! – Anonymous

Yes. At least send out a courtesy email. “Hey I linked to your review.” You are not republishing anything so you don’t need permission, but the nice thing to do would be a heads up.

Ive had my blog for about a year now and I believe I have made progress considering how I was in the beginning,,Ive actually reached 119 followers thanks to you of coarse with your Follow Friday Hop and several other activities that I participate in anyway,,I was thinking about hosting a giveaway,,to celebrate getting over 100 followers but kind of nervous about it and dont have a large selection in my library,,any suggestions? – Jennifer

I would host a Book Depository contest. Pick a few books from the Book Depository that are within your budget and then give your entrants a choice. The fun thing about doing this is that it is international! That’s it folks. Talk less. Read More. Happy Thursday.

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