Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Paranormal Element: Everything! Mythology, Gods, Vampires, Shifters…
Series: Dark Breed #1
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Ascension strikes fast, hits you hard as it thrusts you into a very dark world that had my imagination spinning. It wasn’t a world I want to visit anytime soon, either. Despite the darkness, I was quickly taken in, I wanted to find out more about this violent and scary place. There was so much going on in this novel, new breeds of paranormals, mixed races…it was quite fascinating. And then with the intermix of the Greek gods and goddesses I thought it might be too much, but it worked and made for one of the most creatively spun Urban Fantasy novel that I’ve read in awhile. The one drawback of the novel was that it really did drag towards the end of the novel. It was fast fast fast — and then came to a screeching halt. It would have been PERFECT if it would have kept up that high intensity pace. And the thing about pace – if you don’t get it right it will bring a good idea crashing.

Kyana is half Vampyre, half Lychen a dark breed of an unholy joining for two species. Her kind, the dark breeds are overrunning the world after the gates of Hell opened and released madness into the world. Yet, Kyana has forced herself to step out of her kinds usual evil nature and joined the Order of Ancients to fight the dark breeds and protect the mortals. Kyana is highly ambitious and when she is given one of the most important missions of her career she sees it as a chance to prove herself. But, she is quickly deflated when she finds she’ll be paired with Ryker, a demigod who knows how to push all the wrong buttons where she is concerned. Together they team up, but with a lot of reservations, because there mission is a lot more important then their personal problems.

A highly imaginative Urban Fantasy. Ascension is over-run with uniquely formed paranormals. It had my head spinning. And on top of the crazy world-building the sexual tension between Kyana and Ryker was enough to have me salivating. It was one of those romantic episodes where you want to beat both their heads against the table and scream “Get it on already!” Those are always fun…but, Sable Grace took it to a whole new level. This is definitely one you should look out for.

Now for the not so fun parts. The dragging almost killed me, at some point I was ready to just put the book down. The anticipation was gone, because Kyana and Ryker had already somewhat settled their differences and then there was just so much more book to trudge through and clue finding and things like that. I also found the patsy rather convenient and I also found it hard to understand how different the dark breeds were from Kyana…I don’t think there was enough explanation. Was it just that if she drank human blood it would drive her to a crazy hunger that she couldn’t control? Then how did she stop in the first place? Besides that the book was an enjoyable read and highly creative (I keep saying that!). I can’t wait to see what Ms. Grace has in store for us next.

Recommended for fans of darker Urban Fantasy series like the series written by Kelly Gay and Jennifer Esteps. There is a lot of violence, bad language and sexual interaction in this novel, recommended for adults only.

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