Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
SciFi Element: Space, Dystopian
Series: Inside Series #2
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Just as good as the first, OUTSIDE IN plummets you into an alternate science fiction reality that is so believable, I just couldn’t get enough.  The way Synder’s mind works fascinates me. Her rich imagination and unique characterization is a gem among the writing world. If you have not read a book by Maria V. Synder do so now, you will not be disappointed.

OUTSIDE IN begins where we left off with it’s predecessor. Trella has fought and won freedom for the people of Inside and a committee has been formed from the rebels. They are there to make the decisions, vote on topics and get things done Inside. But, unfortunately most of the decisions are taking too long as the members disagree and Lowers and Uppers still pit against one another. Trella is there as a consultant because she did not want to take as much responsibility as they wanted to give her and soon the committee position is too much also. The politics of the situation overwhelms her and all she yearns for is to get back in the pipes and away from all the bickering and decision making.

No one will let her do this though, the people around her know that she has the power within her and they keep pushing her to step up to the plate. Trella isn’t having it, even as a saboteur is on the loose and begins making serious trouble for the people of Inside. Will Trella have to do things over again? Rebel against the newly formed committee, against her friends? Or will they do it for her? Push her away because she will not take action? And as more and more accidents begin to happen, things aren’t looking good for the newly formed Inside government…

Sndyer’s work is so unique and I’m always so pleased after I read them. She has a unique way of portraying situations which draws you into her novels. OUTSIDE IN does the same and I was caught up in finding out who was behind the bombings and then the subsequent political maneuvering so much so that my head was spinning. I reacted with Trella to all her emotional scenes and I thought Synder did a wonderful job with her progression. The pacing was also well done but for a slight slowness at the start of the novel. This stems from the fact that there is a reintroduction to the events that never goes over well with me.

My distaste with some of the novel stemmed from personal opinions on how I WISHED things would have been done and would be a complete spoiler if I went into details. But, I did find that the end of the book felt rushed and thought that maybe this might have been better left for the third book. If there is going to be a third book and my mediocre searching on the internet has not garnered me a definite yah or nay about a next one. I’m thinking it is likely though, because who does a two book series?

Recommended for fans of science fiction young adult novels, her writing actually reminds me of the novels I loved as a child from Madeleine L’Engle. There is a touch of romance for those that need this extra umpf and I recommend this for older teens for there are a bit of mature subjects that are hinted at, but nothing descriptive.

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Rachel, whom you might know as Parajunkee, is the blog owner of and the design blog To make matters even more confusing she is now a published author under the pen name of Gillian Zane. Rachel has been blogging for over eight years, designing / web programming for over fifteen, but her real love, reading, has been her favorite hobby since childhood. Rachel has won numerous awards for her writing, the blogs she has created and her design work. If you want to check out more about her books click "The Books" on the navigation bar at the top of the page.


  1. Melodi Barnes

    I have been reading Snyder’s books since I worked at Books-A-Million in 2005. The Study Series of course got me hooked. I’ve read everything of hers since. I absolutely loved the Inside/Outside books and was disappointed there weren’t more Trella adventures.

  2. Lani Wendt Young

    Thank you for the headsup on this one – I read Divergent last week because of your review and Im looking fwd to checking this one out as well.

  3. ParaJunkee

    @Jess – I know. The series is really go, and thanks Michelle for chiming in. I'm so sad to read that blog post that you listed!!! *sob*

    @Asheley – Give it a try – I think you'll like it!!!

  4. Asheley (Into the Hall of Books)

    I really want to read this series because I really love the whole sci-fi component in addition to the dystopian. I just haven't gotten my hands on it yet. Sounds really neat, though.

  5. michelle

    I love these books, but I dont think there is going to be another book for the seires. Last i heard on her blog was that if the sales didnt go up enough there would be no 3rd book, and i am sure i read somewhere there wasnt going to be a 3rd one (still trying to find where i read it)

  6. Jess (Gone with the Words)

    I love this series and I hope she does write another book for it! Great review!!

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