Genre: Young Adult, Steampunk
Paranormal Element: Ether, Steampunk
Series: The Steampunk Chronicles #1
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Can I just say…great book, fabulous cover?! Hello Young Adult Steampunk! THE GIRL IN THE STEEL CORSET is a fabulous mix of steampunk goodness, paranormal quirkiness, mystery, romance, coming-of-age emotion and dastardly evil villains – I was enthralled from start to finish.This is another young adult titan to add to your Must Have list!

The setting is 1897 England, steampunk version. Our main kick-arse heroine is Finley James, ladies maid who has a very shocking secret. A beast lives inside her and when pushed to the edge it rears it’s head and strikes.

Finley is pushed to the edge when her ingrate of an employer’s son tries to force himself upon her. She let’s her dark side take over and the poor noble ends up knocked out on the floor and Finley is fleeing for her life. Out of the mist, literally comes Duke Griffin King and sweeps in to rescue Finley, taking her to his home and inviting her to become a part of his band of “special” friends.

One of their past-times is solving unsolvable crimes and they are currently investigating the nefarious crime lord who calls himself The Machinist. His recent rash of thefts and crimes have all been enacted by a band of automatons that seem to possess an ability to think. Finley agrees to help but with a bit of reservation. She’s nervous around Griffin’s friends and the fact that he is a Duke is very intimidating – even if she does find him deliciously seductive.

As The Machinist begins focusing specifically on Griffin and his friends things start to get very heated and a plot is revealed that speaks of things a lot more intense then just a few thefts here and there…

A wonderful example of the greatness that is steampunk! THE GIRL IN THE STEEL CORSET sucks you in and pops you out with crazy machines flitting around your head. I can not wait to read more. The reason this rated a four star instead of a full five was only because I found some plot threads that just didn’t add up within the mystery. The villain was discovered just a little too easily from elements that were introduced outside of the plot instead of discovered within. Nothing that detracts though, there was so much going on in this novel I’m surprised more wasn’t dropped. Yet, if the mystery held it’s own it would have been perfect.

Recommended for Steampunk fans young adult and adult alike. This is a wonderful transition from paranormal romance to steampunk if you are looking to broaden your horizons.

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