Quickie Review

Genre: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Para Element: Ghosts, Vamps
Series: DeadWorld #1
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Review copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Always a fan of the damaged and prickly Urban Fantasy heroine, Duncan delivered with a unique storyline and an interesting plot. His writing took me by surprise and so did the plot as the mystery was revealed and each intricacy was peeled back, layer by layer. On the surface this was just another Urban Fantasy, with a kick-ass and slightly deranged heroine…but if you settled down deeper into the writing you find a lot more. I think Duncan’s writing was more subtle than most Urban Fantasy author’s, and the character development wasn’t as quickly laid out as we are used to, but I think it added a unique quality to the writing and left me focused on the mystery instead of focusing on emotional reactions and character interactions. Some readers might not like this particular trait in this book, but I found it different…and I can’t wait to read more of JN Duncan’s writing.