Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
SciFi Element: Space
Series: Across the Universe Book 1
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I think I might have read the wrong synopsis on this book because it was nothing like what I expected. Yet, even though I was expecting an epic scifi romance the book was still enjoyable, slightly original and thought-provoking. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE was an extremely well-implemented political and mystery based-dystopian that had me stuck in a guessing game and highly anxiety ridden. Even though I was a little struck at the similarities with Synder’s INSIDE OUT, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE was a very enjoyable read.


On a great adventure to colonize a far off planet, the GODSPEED is built and a select group of people are chosen to be frozen in time and shipped to the new planet to colonize. Amy’s parents are both chosen to embark on the journey and are able to talk the people in charge into allowing her to go as non-essential personnel. Her body is frozen and placed in a glass coffin. She expects to awaken in 300 years. But, her mind never goes to sleep. Fifty years before landing she is awakened by accident or malicious intent and is faced with the reality that is Godspeed and the support people that live aboard the ship.

It is a strange world of regulations, genetic manipulation and very odd behavior. The only people that act normal are the ones that live in the mental hospital and Elder, the boy destined to be the leader. The boy that might have been the one to unfreeze her and almost kill her. But, it makes no sense, especially when more people are being unfrozen and killed…there is a murderer on ship and Amy is scared that her parents might be next.

More a mystery than a romance — I so got epic romance from that cover, so I was taken off track as that didn’t unfold as I believed.  Though, I was disappointed there wasn’t more kissing and angst, it did work. The book entertained me and had me doing the whole guessing game of “who-done-it” for awhile, until I figured it out before the time was right. There were a few similarities between ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and Synder’s INSIDE OUT. Colony ship turns unknowing dystopian world. Here comes a teenager to the rescue!!! Yet, even with the concept similar to the OUT books, this one was original in it’s deployment and spoke of reality to me. Something like this could happen, all you have to do is feed people the wrong information. Beth Revis did a wonderful job and I look forward to reading more from the series.

For fans of the INSIDE OUT books you should enjoy, dystopian and young adult SciFi fans also recommended for. I do recommend this for mature teens, there are some heavy topics, including an attempted rape.

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