Genre: Adult, Sci-fi Thriller
SciFi Element: Time Travel
Series: Shomi
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Wired by Liz Maverick was fast-paced, exciting, sexy and funny at times. It was a really cool concept I just needed it explained a little bit more and as the action and science of it got really intense I found myself confused at places – as if something was left off or forgotten. But, the novel did impress and I’m really interested in reading more of Maverick’s writing.

A mish mash of science fiction romance and cyberpunk, Wired starts with a girl. Two a.m in the morning on a deserted street, heading to the local 7-Eleven. Thinking she is about to get mugged as two strangers appear in front of her, L. Roxanne Zaborovsky panics. The funny thing is, one of the strangers appears to be Mason Merrick, her roommates ex-lover and someone she had a major crush on. She also hasn’t seen him in forever. What is he doing out here in the middle of the night and now drop kicking some guy in an expensive suit?

Roxanne is a bit confused and her confusion doesn’t stop for awhile, because both men have declared her a Major in a particular timeline and they will do anything to control her and the code she is going to someday write. They’ll even change the past and future to get this code. She just has to figure out who has her best intentions at heart?

Zippy, a little schizo and a bit sexy (I was hoping for a bit more after that particular party scene), Wired was very entertaining. If a little bit more time was spent on explaining the wire crossing plot I might have been slavering all over this one. The author’s tone was well done, her writing was spot on and the characters were enjoyable. Like I said before, if the plot would have been expanded on this would be a raving review.

Recommended for science fiction romance fans. You might enjoy this one if you liked Gini Koch’s Touched by an Alien, Sherillyn Kenyon’s League novels.

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