Well the world didn’t come to an end…so keep on blogging.

Now it’s time to keep everyone informed with the going’s on of the PJV. Well, first things first, for the first time we went over 250 links for a #FF posts, so thank you everyone for participating in that. Don’t forget to come back this Friday to do it all over again. I know we are all interested in making new friends!

eBook Reviewer Wanted

And speaking of friends, unfortunately one of the new PJV reviewers, Sayuri is having a tough time in the personal realm, so she won’t be able to review for the PJV anymore. I’m very sorry to see her go, because she rocks – so keep her in your thoughts, because she does need some positive energy her way. Sending muchos muchos positive energy.

This also means that the PJV needs an eBook reviewer. So, if you are interested and you possess these qualities, please apply:

  • International and Domestic Bloggers
  • Familiar with the Blogger interface
  • Good English writing skills
  • Active in the social networks, such as twitter, facebook, etc.
  • Have reviewed before for either Amazon, Goodreads or your own blog
  • Familiar with PJV
  • Interested in Paranormal Romances, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Erotica and Dystopian genres
  • Able to read eBooks quickly

Tumblr! Hello?

<< Parajunkee's View also has a tumblr account, just to post whatever. So if you have one also, let me know. Follow you, follow me, etc.

Layout Changes

And on a design note, I’ve also consolidated to one sidebar and added a drop down menu? What do you think of everything? Does it make things easier to find? I would appreciate your honest opinions if you have them? Also are you guys digging the ID comments? Hard to use or easier?

Holy Crap — what am I reading?

And for the what’s on the hit list this week…

Dark LifeThe wow, this you gotta read for this week is, Dark Life by Kat Falls. It is a dystopian under the water. Talk about interesting, with a little romance, a little violence, shark action and a bit of a mystery. Makes for a good read.
The Magnolia LeagueThen my not great, but entertaining read of the week is  The Magnolia League  by Katie Crouch.  I’m just trying to figure out why when you have a Southern novel we gotta be doing like Hoodoo and Voodoo and having debutante balls. Yeah, I had like a Sweet 16 type debutante thingy – but I mean I only read tarot cards, never did Voodoo!! And I do not like Sweet Tea. Always get unsweet tea and just add two packets of the pink stuff, Splenda if they have it. Don’t want to get brain cancer. I’ll leave it at that.

Night my loves, XOXO