Please welcome DB Reynolds, author of the  Vampires in America to Ms. Reynolds first wowed me with her novel  Raphael (click link to read review) which is the first in the Vampires in America series. Definitely a super start to a series…and Ms. Reynolds has been on my Top Author list ever since. I’m very excited to welcome Ms. Reynolds, to the blog…and hope that you stick around, enter the contest and maybe check out her books. If you like vamps, romance and a little bit of ass-kicking, you’ll love these books! Ms. Reynolds…are you ready? Ms. Reynolds?

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Bzzzzzzt! Me again, your intrepid reporter from Huff and Puff. You remember, the one who totally scored the interview of the century when I got Raphael, Vampire Lord Extraordinaire to talk to me? Eat your heart out, Barbara Wawa. Anyway, I saw what D.B. had lined up to post here and I totally swapped it out. You should thank me (boooring!) Besides, I’ve got another incredible exclusive — Cynthia Leighton! That’s right, Raphael’s true love and one and only mate, and she’s MINE. Er, in the reporterly sense, of course. I don’t swing that way, and even if I did Raphael would probably KILL me, so, um … Where was I? Right, interview of the decade! (applause, applause)

Okay, so here’s how it happened. I found out Cyn was going to be in New York helping her friend Sarah get ready for the big wedding—here’s a clue, she’s marrying Rajmund, the Northeastern Vampire Lord. Anyway, I figured perfect! because I was going to be in New York, too! It was like totally fated or something. Well, okay, not so much fate as my cousin’s wedding, and, well, my mom bought my ticket, because I’m supposed to be in the stupid wedding. Ugh. And I mean ugh as in the bridesmaid dresses are really ugly, but . . . moving on! Anyway, I called my friend of a friend and she called Cyn and Cyn said okay! See what I mean? Fate!

All right, first of all, the big interview happened at Raphael’s townhouse in Manhattan. Cool place, huge shutters on all the windows. Three stories in a really nice neighborhood. I’d like to tell you it was expensive, but what do I know about Manhattan real estate? Nothing.

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This big black guy answered the door—and I mean BIG, as in squish-me-like-a-bug big. And he didn’t look happy to see me, either. “You’re late,” he growled. And I thought for sure he wasn’t going to let me in, but then Cyn showed up and told him it was okay. Actually, what she said was something like, “Robbie, stop it, you’re scaring the poor thing. The guards wouldn’t have let her get this far if she was dangerous.” Hey! I’m dangerous! Just not in a physical sense. My words are my weapons. (Okay, that sounded lame even to me … moving on.)

Anyway, he lets me in and I scurried past him . . . wait, did I say scurry? I meant stroll, I strolled past him and followed his pointing finger into this kind of sitting room, I guess. Couches and chairs, but no TV or anything. There was a coffee table, though, and some sandwiches and stuff, which was good, because it was nearly dinnertime and I skipped lunch to get there, having taken public transpo all the way from my cousin’s place in New Jersey—which was why I was late—and it was pretty nerve wracking. What can I say? I’m from California. We don’t do mass transit.

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So I go into the sitting room and Cyn’s waiting for me. She’s really beautiful, by the way. She plays down her looks, no makeup or anything, but it shows. And she’s got this great laugh, like she really enjoys living. She also really enjoyed teasing Robbie, which proves she’s a way braver person than I am. It was Cyn who got the ball rolling on our interview, probably because I was too busy staring at everything.

“Yo, reporter,” she said. “You got questions for me?” Robbie laughed. He was standing next to Cyn’s chair, between her and the door, which made me kind of nervous. I mean, if he was worried, what about me?

“Is he your bodyguard?” I asked, pointing at Robbie.

Cyn gave him a kind of sideways look and grinned. “Nah, I’m his. His wife worries.” Robbie snorted derisively (word of the day calendar—cool, huh?)

I pulled out my list of questions. That’s right. I’m a professional. I come prepared.

“So, Cyn, when I interviewed Lord Raphael last fall, I asked him about you two getting married, and he said it was up to you. Do you want to get married?”

She shrugged. “What for? There’s only two reasons to get married. Children and money. We won’t be having kids, and neither of us needs the other one’s money. Besides, white is so not my color.”

“But what about love? You know, that whole committing to each other as a demonstration of your love thing?”

Robbie kind of choked at that point, but Cyn just rolled her eyes. “I don’t give a [expletive deleted] if anyone else knows we love each other. I know it. He knows it. Touch him and I’ll kill you. That’s all that matters.”

Huh. Good point. “Well,” I said, “here’s something the world wants to know, is Raphael good in bed?” Oh, come on, people, you think I actually ASKED that question? Do I have a death wish? I do not. What I said was, “Life with Raphael must be pretty interesting, right?”

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“Interesting?” she repeated, and frowned. “Not the word I’d use. Fascinating, thrilling, terrifying. All of those.”

I nodded like I knew what she meant. I wish. The guys I date aren’t even interesting. ::sigh:: Moving on!

“My readers are curious,” I said, checking my list. “Have you met any of the other vampire lords? Other than Rajmund, I mean, because obviously you’ve met him.”

Cyn shrugged. “I met Sophia just before she took over in Vancouver, but the vamp lords aren’t exactly pals with each other. Raphael and Raj get along because of me and Sarah. Without us, they’d probably be at each other’s throats. Not literally, of course. No point to it,” she added, grinning.

Robbie groaned, “Jesus, Cyn.” She just twisted around and threw a carrot stick at him.

“Do you ever think about becoming a vampire, Cyn?” I asked, even though the question wasn’t on my list.

Cyn kind of tilted her head to the side, like she was thinking about it, then shrugged. “I guess I can answer that. The answer’s no. If I became a vamp, Raphael would have to get his blood from someone else, and then I’d have to kill her. That could get pretty old after awhile.” She grinned, and not in a nice way, either.

“Down, girl,” Robbie said, and Cyn laughed that happy laugh of hers. Like it was all a big joke. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t.

I checked my questions and nearly gasped. The next one should have been at the TOP of my list! Everyone wanted to know this! “Cyn,” I said urgently, getting her attention. “Do you know where Duncan’s going?”

“Well, yeah,” she said, still smiling. “He’s—”

The front door slammed open suddenly and a woman’s voice shouted, “Cyn, where the hell are you?”

Cyn jumped up and headed for the door just as another tall, beautiful woman stormed into the room. I swear, I felt like the stock girl at a models-r-us party.

“You won’t believe—” The woman started, then she saw me and stopped in her tracks. “Who the [expletive deleted] are you?”

“She’s leaving,” Cyn said quickly, giving Robbie a look. “You need a ride somewhere?” she asked me.

“But what about—” I stuttered.

“Of course,” Cyn interrupted. “Robbie, get her a cab, won’t you?”

And then Robbie had a grip on my arm and I was moving toward the door. “But my readers need to know—”

“Shut up,” he hissed. “You got here too late. The sun’s set and you’re dinner on the hoof, little girl, and I ain’t standing between you and a hungry vamp.”

“That woman was a vampire?” I asked as he hustled me out the front door and down the walk.

“Duh,” he drawled. “That’s Emelie—Lord Rajmund’s lieutenant. She and Cyn are—” He kind of coughed out a laugh. “They’re Sarah’s bridesmaids.”

Something else Cyn and I had in common! And as I climbed into the taxi, I couldn’t help but wonder if even Cyn and Emelie could make a bridesmaid’s dress look good.

Visit D.B.’s blog for information about her books, for Vampire Vignettes and lots more.


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