Thanks to the Blogger Apocalypse yesterday a few things got a little confused. If you are just a reader and not a blogger, basically Blogger put all of us that use their interface into read-only mode and deleted our posts on Thursday for 20.5 hours. Panic ensued.

What they say happened was that they were upgrading the software and it didn’t work as expected so they had to go back to the software before the update and reinstall that. So, nothing was really changed. This probably could have all been avoided if they used MACs and had Time Machine. 

Things seem to be back to normal now, but some posts got neglected. One of which was my guest post by the fab author Maria Zannini. She’s a wonderful author and she is giving away one of her books, so it should get some love, so please go enter that contest

Also, the BB101 post got hacked up for some reason and the question form was removed. So I need questions for next week if you have something to ask….

Ask your BB101 Questions here: