Genre: Adult, Paranormal Thriller, Urban Fantasy
Series: Belador Series #1
Paranormal Element: Demons, witches
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I hate to start this review out negatively, but honestly this is not one of the best pieces that Love & Kenyon have put out. Yes, it was fast-paced, well-written and suitably entertaining I find enjoyment in her other characters so much more. Evalle just fell flat for me and being a Sherrilyn Kenyon book I wanted her to just get it on with someone! Especially since all the men that were described were super hawt and the novel was described as a paranormal romance on goodreads, so that was what I expected. *Sigh* So, the perv in me was disappointed, but the book-lover in me enjoyed it. I will move on in the series and this is a great book for Urban Fantasy lovers – that want to 86 the romance.

Welcome to the world of the Belador. A different species of beings that have supernatural powers and have sectioned themselves into tribes. Evalle has desperately wanted to be apart of her tribe but as half Belador she is looked at with suspicion. They usually lock half-Belador’s up and throw away the key, they are too dangerous, unable to control their urges. But, Evalle is all control. And she remains the only free half-Belador.

A terrible murder forces her to act outside of her tribe, because she knows that if they get wind about it she’ll be the first suspect. She hadn’t committed this murder, yet is it someone like her or trying to frame her? During this time conflicts are also starting to arise between her tribe and their mortal enemies. Evalle is tasked with tracking down a stone that could end the world as they know it and destroy all of the Belador race. It was a very complex plot, with really two main plots and tons of smaller plot lines, typical of Sherrilyn Kenyon and her crazy brain.

I was just kind of upset that this one was labeled as a Paranormal Romance but there was no Romance. There was a lot of hinting that she might go for this one or that one…so I guess Evalle will hook up with someone in the next book, but this is not usually how these things works. Besides that the story-line was original, if not complex, there was a lot going on in this world and Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love just throw you into it feet first. I like the male counterparts much better than the female lead, but the characters were all formed nicely and the fact was that it was Evalle’s reticence and nasty past that I didn’t like about her…I found her a bit too prickly. I hope she evolves in the next book – because you know, in these long running PNR/UF series that focus on one main character, it usually takes a man to even out these girls *ahem – Cat and Mac.

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The narration was competent, nothing I was dying about, but the voice transitions were spot on and I didn’t “notice” her which is the point right? Christina Traister did the narration and it would seem she does a lot of Romance novels.

Recommended for Urban Fantasy fans, this might be a good UF transition to PNR, because well there wasn’t any romance (I sound like a total broken record, don’t I?) SK fans shouldn’t be disappointed and you might like this one if you like the more complex paranormal novels that are out there.

411 on the series:

  1. There are currently two books in the series, Blood Trinity: Book 1 in the Belador SeriesAlterant (Belador #2) which will be released in September this year
  2. On it is classified as a paranormal romance in the synopsis but on SK’s site she calls it a Paranormal Thriller

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UF – Urban Fantasy
PNR – Paranormal Romance
SK – Sherrilyn Kenyon