Genre: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Series: Shifter Series, Book 2
Paranormal Element: Shifters
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Rachel Vincent’s  Shifter series is not one of the best Urban Fantasy / Paranormal romance series on the market, but the main character Faythe is a likeable sort and the plot lines are entertaining, so I definitely recommend them for fans of the genre. Just, with these power-house series and larger-than life characters such as Sookie, Bones, Anita, Mac, Barrons…Faythe and Marc are eclipsed, literally. These books just don’t have as much depth as some of my favorite series and while I had fun listening to it on audio book, this won’t be one of those series that I like to revisit and I’ll only move on if the third book falls in my lap.

Faythe has rejoined her Pride in the hopes of one day attaining freedom from her father’s oppressive ruling. She’s been put in the position of enforcer and it might be fun slapping around a few strays — but having to wrestle dead bodies into trunks and question lecherous strip club bartenders is a bit out of her comfort zone. But, it is what she has to do to prove to her father and the rest of the Pride that she has what it takes.

Unfortunately something odd is occurring in her father’s territory. Murdered strays keep on popping up and the similarities are too great to dismiss as random violent acts. There is someone out there killing cats and now it’s up to Faythe and Marc to find out who it is and take care of the problem.

Like I stated earlier, while entertaining and well-written these books are a shallow comparison to other urban fantasy and paranormal romance series. Faythe does a lot of internalizing which can drive you off the plot track, which I find distracting and her behavior is sometimes ridiculous and immature, which I find annoying. I personally don’t “feel” the love between Faythe and Marc. I’m really convinced Faythe is with him because it is convenient and Marc because he is scared to death of becoming a stray. It’s a rather complicated relationship where I feel they are co-dependent on one another, so nothing really in the relationship makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. My final thoughts on this series: something to waste away the time…but nothing to write mother about.

Recommended for fans of lighter urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels, such as the Sookie Stackhouse series. This is an adult novel, there is plenty of explicit violence, sex and compromising situations.

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