Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Series: Prequel, Novella, Dark Mission Series
Paranormal Element: Witches
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Received from publisher in exchange for a review.

A teaser of sorts, BEFORE THE WITCHES is a novella, covering the events that happened before the world of the DARK MISSION series. BFW did it’s job and definitely whet the palate for more. I’m intrigued to read more of Karina Cooper’s work and see what more she has in store for us in her DARK MISSION series. Her story was compelling, action-packed and emotional. BEFORE THE WITCHES was edge-of-the-seat good and I couldn’t stop reading until I was finished.

Katya did whatever it took to escape Russia and come to America, including selling her body. Forced into prostitution by Russian mafioso types, Katya is doing everything it takes to survive and hopefully help her and the other women escape with their lives. She almost has everything in place when what she assumes is a dirty cop walks through the door to buy some action. He chooses her to her dismay but when she kisses him it tastes real. Her gifts have always been a part of her, one of the reason she fled her native country. They don’t believe in witches in America. Nigel Ferris says he won’t hurt her and it is truth, but good cops don’t buy prostitutes.

When the world begins crumbling around them, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, Katya has no where else to turn but to Nigel and together they must fight to save themselves in a world gone completely insane.

The book was a little crazy, for just a novella it sure crammed a whole bunch of stuff into it’s bitty package. The whole END OF THE WORLD to be exact. But, because of it’s novella shortness things did get a little out of hand as far as skimming over events and reactions. I got a bit confused at points, but just because they had so much going on. But, that being said, I did find Katya and Nigel very intense and their quick whirlwind romance was quite believable for it’s hurried pace. I’m very interested and ready to read more. The next books happen a lot further in the future and I thought it was smart how this prequel covered the apocalypse, while the books in the future will be the dystopian setting. You don’t find this a lot in paranormal romances.

I recommend this for fans of paranormal romance and readers transitioning into paranormal romance.

411 on the series:

  1. The first book in the series is Blood of the Wicked, due out May 31, 2011
  2. The second book is Lure of the Wicked: A Dark Mission Novel , June 28, 2011

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