Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Night Huntress Series (Book 2)
Paranormal: Vampire
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Purchased at the Jeaniene Frost Book Signing.

ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE picks off four years after we left Cat in HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE. Coerced into leaving Bones, she heads up an elite team of vampire hunters for the US government. Hard hitting, fast-paced and emotionally draining, ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE had me frantically flipping pages, on the edge of my seat unable to put the book down until I knew Cat and Bones might have a possibility of having their HEA.

Born from rape, Catherine Crawfield is a half-vampire that has sworn vengeance on all things undead. One of a kind, she lures vampires with her heart-beat and sexy good looks to stake them just as they are about to strike. To her all vampires are bad and they all must die. At twenty-two she has been hunting them for six years – until she gets a little bit over her head with a snarky British vamp that goes by the name of Bones.

The story-line introduces us to Cat’s new world and the supporting characters that have popped up and now make up her life. Juan, Tate, Cooper and Don are now what make up Cat’s life. She’s a killer, it is what she does best and it is all she does. She hasn’t been on a date and has very little happiness in her life. She’s left her heart with Bones and hasn’t made much effort to move on when her world comes crashing down with a picture of a murdered couple in her old home and the words written at the scene, “Here Kitty, Kitty.” 
Bones is the only one that has ever called her that.

Can it be Bones? Is he calling her out by murdering innocent people? She has to find out and if it is him killing innocents, she’ll do what is right, if it means taking him out. She hopes it doesn’t come to that.

I was highly impressed with this follow-up. It was amazing. The character interplay that Frost weaves within her work is just epic. If I wasn’t cracking up at the scenes I was sitting there with my jaw open or blushing completely scandalized (Chapter 32 anyone?).  If I could have my own Bones — I would be highly tempted to trade certain very important items. Can’t wait to move on.

Recommended for fans of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and Anita Blake series. This is an adult only novel with graphic violence, sex and naughty language.

411 on the series:

  1. Chapter 32 of this book is considered one of the hottest sex scenes ever written in a paranormal romance in most circles, I actually had JF sign it at the signing. She signed it… “Are you scandalized?”
  2. There will be nine books in the Night Huntress series
  3. The books have not sold their movie option
  4. There are two more scheduled Night Huntress World books, Vlad will be the 3rd book, JF has not stated who book 4 will be about. At the signing Ian’s name was brought up and she responded with that Ian is not ready for his own book as of yet.

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