Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Night Huntress Series (Book 1)
Paranormal: Vampire
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Purchased at the Jeaniene Frost Book Signing.

There is a reason that most “Hottest Vamp” polls churn up Bones in the lead. Ladies put aside your sparkly emo vamps and let me introduce you to the vampire of vampires, in one of the hottest vampire romances in the genre. The power couple that is Cat and Bones are nothing to sneeze at, with their sizzling hot interplay, their razor sharp wit and romantic undertones, they are a larger than life character set that will leave you panting in emotional upheaval. I first read this series a few years back and was hooked ever since. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Frost and having her sign a few books (fans of the series should enjoy that I got Chapter 32 signed of One Foot in the Grave – because, yes, I am properly scandalized) which led me to reread these and then spread the review love. So, if you haven’t immersed yourself in all things Cat and Bones, start now, because there is no looking back.

Born from rape, Catherine Crawfield is a half-vampire that has sworn vengeance on all things undead. One of a kind, she lures vampires with her heart-beat and sexy good looks to stake them just as they are about to strike. To her all vampires are bad and they all must die. At twenty-two she has been hunting them for six years – until she gets a little bit over her head with a snarky British vamp that goes by the name of Bones.

Held hostage in a cave, Cat is given a choice, die or help him hunt vampires. In exchange he’ll train her and help her find and kill her father.

During an intense training period Cat is forced to take another look at her “A Good Vamp is a Dead Vamp” theory and face facts that maybe not all vampires are bad. Including her sexy captor…

Whoa momma — if you are a paranormal romance junkee like me and haven’t read this series, I have to ask one question: “WTF are you waiting for??” This is one of the BEST paranormal romance series in print. Cat and Bones are two larger than life characters that can’t be stopped. You will become infatuated with the couple from the onset.

Fans of the Anita Blake series, Gena Showalter, Sherilyn Kenyon…you should really enjoy. Paranormal Romance means some (lots) nookie, so this is adults only.

411 on the series:

  1. There will be nine books in the Night Huntress series
  2. The books have not sold their movie option
  3. There are two more scheduled Night Huntress World books, Vlad will be the 3rd book, JF has not stated who book 4 will be about. At the signing Ian’s name was brought up and she responded with that Ian is not ready for his own book as of yet.

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