Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Paranormal Element: Gods, Myths
Series: (The Abandon Trilogy #1)
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Review copy received from publisher.

This was the first book I’ve read by Meg Cabot. I am lucky to have been able to receive an ARC of this amazing book!  Meg Cabot has certainly caught my attention with her story of the myth of Persephone.  I am a lover of all things in Greek mythology.  Although this story wasn’t strictly just Greek mythology, it also had the paranormal aspect to it. The story kept me on edge and had me constantly trying to figure out who was behind what.  The characters were likable and the way that Cabot describes the elements of the surrounding as well as the characters themselves, drew me in immediately.  I am very much looking forward to the next book in the Abandon Trilogy.

At age 7 Pierce meets someone she will never forget.  She didn’t plan on ever seeing him again.  But at age 15, Pierce has a terrible accident and ends up in a nightmare where only one face is familiar.  A face that will follow her long after her accident.  Now in high school trying to make a fresh start after so many problems she’s had in the past, Pierce can’t help but to feel like she will never really feel alive again.

Her parents separated; her father blamed by her mother for her accident. Trying to start at a new school with new friends.  She finds herself sticking to herself, trying not to get close to anyone again.  Because she knows now that she can’t keep everyone she loves, safe.  Sticking close to her cousin, Alex at school and taking in the comfort of her bike when she needs to get away;  Pierce finds herself at a familiar place.  She’s being drawn to the cemetery where her grandfather was buried, also the place where she first met John.

Weird things begin to happen to Pierce in the small town of Isla Huesos (the Island of Bones) upon returning from her visit from a different world.  With a necklace that is meant to keep her safe only seems to do the opposite.  It seems that everyone she comes in contact with while wearing the necklace always ends up hurt, or dead.  But Pierce tries to turn things around and become friends with people she normally wouldn’t.  She and her cousin, Alex are apart of the D-Wing, a place for students with special circumstances; Alex’s dad was in jail for a period of time and Pierce with her accident. With Coffin Night coming up, an annual ritual the high school kids do, the A-Wings kids are the first to talk Pierce into their plan. Things don’t go as planned and Pierce is finding it difficult to know who she can and can’t trust. And the least of her worries are any of the kids from school.  There is a storm brewing in Isla Huesos, and causing it is something far beyond her world.

I loved this book, it had the right amount of mystery, paranormal, and darkness that makes you want more.  Meg Cabot’s writing is phenomenal. Even had me look up a few words in the dictionary.  I really hope to see more stories like this from Cabot.  This is going to be an amazing trilogy!  This book is definitely a “must have” on my bookshelf.  I’m dying to know where she takes the story, the characters and what will happen with Pierce. It’s going to be epic!

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Meg Cabot.  For those who are fans of Greek mythology told in a darker setting and those who love mystery with twists and turns.