Contest closed. Thank you for your interest.

I don’t usually ask you guys much, but my rampant curiosity has me dying to know a few answers to some general questions. I only want to improve my blog to make it better for YOU the reader, so take a moment of your time and fill out the survey. Please?

By filling out the survey you have a chance to win a $5 Gift Card. I know it’s not much, but shipping from Paranormal Spring Break is going to break me — and well I actually made it to $10 in Amazon Associates, but I already spent $5 on an eBook so you guys get to have the remaining five left in my balance. Isn’t that generous?? Ok don’t answer that. So please take my survey. I will love you forever.

Comment to win and let me know that you took the survey, so we can keep the survey anonymous in case you have something angry to tell me but don’t want me knowing who you are. I want extreme honesty – pretend you are in the CANDOR faction from Divergent.