I love how my post office guy just leaves it on the doorstep.

Today I got home and there was a surprise on my doorstep. Being the ever prepared chick that I am, I took pictures in case it was a bomb and the FBI had to identify my body or something. Then I looked at the return address. I doubt Scholastic would be sending me a bomb, but it turned out to be even more mysterious…

I was a kid in a candy store when I saw the pretty gold glitter & black paper.
Black and Gold can’t go wrong with that! And then the little box…every girl,
I don’t care who you are has heart palpitations when she sees a little box.

Being the responsible person that I am I read the note first
before tearing open the box.

She didn’t fall into his world.
She was taken.
 The quote reads:

 “…the stone, which I’d been watching him hold in those calloused fingers as he spoke, had been doing something strange…turning from almost black in the middle to the palest of grays…”

On the front is a promo for Meg Cabot’s Abandon that comes out April 26th.

Tearing open the little box within it lies the pretties mood
ring that seen. I’m going to totally wear it until it turns my finger green.

There are not instructions, just the mood ring.
What do I do? What is going to happen. Oh my!