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Genre: Romance, Erotica
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I usually have to be in the mood to read erotica. If not I tend to skip all the sex and just read the unsexy bits. This usually leaves me less than satisfied as erotica is about the sexxorin’. However, this short story pulled me in and then the sexxorin’ was icing on the cake. I really enjoyed this very erotic but surprisingly sweet romance from Cari Quinn.

Alana Macgregor or ‘Mac’. Is a bit a wild child. Always has been. At the beginning of the book we meet her at travelling underground sex club called ‘Kink’ where her boyfriend, Ramon, is in the process of splitting up with her. Pissed off she is getting ready to leave when she meets a guy at the bar and decides the best way to get over her ex-boyfriend is with a little red-hot action. Plus he reminds her of someone from her past. Carter Nicholas or ‘Nicky’ can’t believe his eyes when he sees Mac in Kink. He is there to do a story, not to hook-up. When he sees Mac he decides to go for broke and win the girl he crushed on in school.

This was a really sweet erotic romance. I really liked both the main characters. They made sense to me in the context of the story and as a couple together. Alana was really needy in terms of the attention she needed from other people. I liked that she owned up to that part of her personality and made no excuses or apologies for it even while realising that there was maybe something more that she wanted from herself and from her life.

Nicky was the perfect foil for Alana. He could see past some of the more flamboyant and self-destructive of Alana’s behaviour and made no excuses for her but accepted that part of her. The juxtaposition of Alana’s wildness and how that made Nicky take a step outside his comfort zone in terms of sex and Nicky’s steadfastness and desire for a relationship and Alana’s self doubt that she couldn’t sustain that was really cleverly shown in such a short format.

If you like your erotica hot and clever then this is just the story for you. This was a really well written and steamy piece of erotica that hit all the right spots for me. Just enough sex and balanced well with some great characterization.