Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Paranormal Element: Time-Travel
Series: Serpent World, #1
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I wouldn’t say this was the best Orson Scott Card book I’ve ever read, but it was a wonderful read, richly imagined and thought provoking. Card took me on a journey through time and space (totally hokey but love it) to a fantasy world that entertained me and had me wondering. A wonderful addition to the Young Adult fantasy genre. Card paired fantasy and science fiction, with political intrigue and coming of age all in one novel.

Rigg sees paths. He sees the paths of everyone that has come before. The only persons whose path he can not see is his father’s. When his father is suddenly struck down by a fallen tree in the middle of one of their hunting exursions, Rigg is forced on a path that he never thought he would take. His father’s dying words send him on a journey, to find his sister and his mother, two people that he didn’t even know existed.

Paired with a childhood friend and an unlikely ally named Loaf, Rigg sets off on a journey that takes him across the world and leads him to discoveries that he never even thought would be possible. Along the way he learns a good deal about himself and realizes that there were many things that his father had never taught him, including that he might be heir to the throne in a country that has made it illegal to be royal.

I really did enjoy this book. It had a lot to keep me going. Card went into a lot of detail about the science behind time travel, but approached it in a nonstandard way. Physicist might stick their nose up at the entire theory, but I for one, thought it was actually believable. It actually made sense to me. The whole, how can time travel be real if we go back and change something, won’t it disrupt life as we know it, question was answered, simply and eloquently. It was well done.

The actual story-line of the book did drag at times. Rigg was not as likeable a character as Card’s other young men, but I think he might have done that for a reason.

This is a good read for both young and old, boy and girl. There is nothing for a parent to be wary of. Fantasy and science fiction lovers should enjoy.