Genre: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Element: Fae
Series: Fever Series
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Purchased for admittance into Shadowfever release party.

As conclusions go, I have never waited more patiently for the end, than I did for Shadowfever. Ever since I laid Dreamfever down (well no, I threw it across the room upon completion) I have been patiently awaiting Shadowfever. I have never looked forward to a book as much as I did this one. Was it worth the wait? The heartache of the last two books? The jarring pain that thrust through my head every time Barrons and Mac blamed each other and bitched and tormented themselves!? HELL YES.

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Shadowfever, Mr. Eliot, did not end the Fever Series world with a whimper. It definitely was a bang. A big, wet and fulfilling bang. Take that however you feel is necessary.

IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE PERVIOUS BOOKS GO NO FURTHER! I have tried my hardest to not spoil Shadowfever…but it will spoil the earlier books.

The conclusion of the Fever series picks right up where we left Mac in Dreamfever. She had killed someone dear to her. Someone that meant the world to her and their death would change her life forever. I had my suspicions as to who this was…but I couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t process it at all. I had all these replacements stuck in there, but my mind would always go… ‘Why would Mac care that much?’ KMM couldn’t have done what I think she just did! You’ll find out who it is within the first chapters (if you feel it necessary you can get those first two chapters on KMMs blog).

Mac’s world has become a dark place. She is trapped in the Silvers and she knows the LM is descending on her at any moment. She is now alone there, with no protection. She has to escape the Silvers and then still she must track and conquer the book all the while staying alive and protecting those that she loves. Her transition in Shadowfever is a hard one, Mac is no longer the Rainbow Girl she once was, but still desperately wants to retain some of her older self. With enemies popping up around every corner and secrets that put a death sentence on her head, will Mac be able to accomplish what she hasn’t be able to in the past? Will she finally find out what happened to Alina and destroy the book? And most importantly will her and Barrons finally stop bickering and start kissing???

Everything I ever wanted and more. KMM answered the questions I didn’t even think to ask. Her imagination was so outlandish that I basically read through this book dumbfounded that it was really that good. She just paints pictures with her words. I didn’t skim, I didn’t hurry, I actually would reread paragraphs over and over again to soak it in (which is why it took me three days to read this baby). Her words and conclusions were just excellent and then she wrapped everything up nicely in the end. There was one little end that didn’t have a bow on it…but KMM reassures that it is not necessarily The End in her Q&A sessions.

All in all a great great great read. Fan of the series, run and buy this, what are you waiting for??? But give yourself some time, you are going to be sucked in and not let out for awhile. Which is why I sit here. Writing this review in stunned silence, thinking “is it really over?”

There is nothing like the emotional trauma of a good book. Who needs drugs.

Fans of the series. Read the other books first, it is not recommended that you read this one if you haven’t read the others. The cliff hangers and suspense aspects of these novels is what makes them so good.