Arson by Estevan Vega
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Paranormal Element: Special Powers
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The writing of style of Estevan Vega is tantalizing as he recounts the story of Arson a boy that can create fire with his hands. I found myself immersed in the story and Vega’s style of writing.


 Arson Gable is a boy with a special power, he ability and his odd living arrangements has set him apart from kids his age. He has been alone, alone with lunatic grandmother that he both loves and hates, living in a house that is practically falling down around him. When people move into the house next door he instinctively shies away, but the girl next door approaches him. She wears a mask, quite strange, but he is oddly drawn to her. As their friendship blooms, Arson finally finds the courage to face his past and everything that haunts him…

What drew me into this story was Vega’s unique style of writing. His voice was mature and full and told a remarkable tale of a lost boy, finding himself. The tale itself I wouldn’t call that original, boy has special power, boy is alone in the world, boy meets girl, isn’t alone anymore — but the way it was told was original. I can see great things for this young author (21!) and can’t wait to experience what’s next.

What I did find lacking was that at certain points the novel seemed like it didn’t progress much. The two characters were so terribly damaged that they had to plod through a lot of psychoanalysis to actually accomplish things. I also thought it was interesting the relationship with the parents, the problems that were occurring just seemed a little too textbook.

Other than that, the novel was enjoyable, but slow for me to process. I’m looking forward to more of Vega’s and I’ll have to look into his other two books. Can I also remark about how lovely a cover this one has?! Just wonderful.

Young adult and recommended for both male and female audiences alike.