Alien Tango, Gini Koch
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Element: Aliens
Series: Alien Series Book 2
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Review copy provided by Julie @ My Five Monkeys

There is nothing more I can say that hasn’t been gushed over the blogwaves by my fellow book bloggers regarding Gini Koch and the manifestations of her mind, Kitty, Martini and the other smoking hot aliens of the collective. So, I’ll just speak plainly. This series is great and you NEED to read it. If you haven’t start here. That is my review of Touched by an Alien.

The novel starts six months after the events of Touched by an Alien and Kitty is now Commander Katt, wielder of fighter jets and concert tees. She’s in charge of the human pilots and the A-Cs air division. She has been battling the big nasties that keep on popping up, but it has been relatively quiet. Can’t stay like that for long though, can it? All craziness breaks loose and it puts Kitty and Martini on a plane and heading to Florida, which just so happens to be where Martini’s family resides. Yeah, things get a bit unhinged. Unhinged.

I can’t recommend these books more. I think I might like Touched by an Alien a bit more than Alien Tango but that was pushing it a bit. Action, comedy, romance, hot aliens and side characters upon side characters that are so entertaining, these books have it all. Read ’em, you won’t be disappointed.

Adult novel, bit of violence so hotness. Science fiction romance fans should enjoy. I can’t even compare these to any other novels to say if you liked this…read this. They are that unique.