Yours, Mine & Howls by Kinsey Holley
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Paranormal Element: Werewolves
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I was sucked right into Holley’s latest shifter filled masterpiece. From the start I was engrossed in Ally and maybe became a little obsessed. It was great. I can’t wait to read more of this series!

At the young age of 18, Allison finds herself in a trailer park in Lake Charles, Louisiana, alone, except for a five year werewolf named Dylan that she tends regularly for her inept cousin. As the boy sleeps in her room a fight breaks out between her cousin and her husband and it leads to her cousins death and the man barging into Ally’s trailer…and ending her life. From there Ally’s life is never the same.

Thirteen years later, Ally is in charge of an almost grown Alpha werewolf and has two Beta wolves along for the ride. She has to do something about Dylan and soon…and she also has to do something about a little tussle she got into with a man half her size that she happened to leave near death. Too many questions and too little time lead Ally to Colorado an Alpha Werewolf with a new pack and a lot of extra baggage. She plans on not liking him, she plans on leaving as soon as she can work up the nerve, but one look at Mr. Alpha Werewolf, Cade, Ally’s insides turn to butter and her self-resolve melts away. Yet, with both of them lugging around enough emotional baggage to keep Southwest busy for days, can they dump it all to form some semblance of a relationship, or will testosterone and tough chick syndrome dash any hope of them being together?

I expected a great read from Kinsey Holley, after reading her novella Kiss & Kin, but I have to say, I think this one exceeded my expectations. It was the small things that made this into a very entertaining read. It was the description of Ally & Cade’s reactions that just seemed so real. It was the cute behavior by Cade’s child, Becca. I thought it was adorable that she believed she was a cat. It was the subtle play and hints of the world – without lengthy descriptions of hows and whys. The story assumed you already knew this, that you were a part of this world already and gave you enough information to figure it out yourself, but didn’t narrate at you like you needed to be introduced to the world. It was subtle and made me feel like I was even more a part of the story. Ms. Holley can definitely tell a story and I’ll be delighted when more of her work is released. Can’t wait.

Adult content, descriptive sexual encounters. Fans of shifters and paranormal romance fans should enjoy. Could be a good transition novel because, while it is about werewolves the paranormal elements are that intense.

1/20 books